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Sharan 2018 stereo

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Hi there ladies and gents,  I'm trying to run a microphone through the aux connection on my sharan..  it works but there is a horrible delay on the system as I think its getting processed through the onboard computer.  is there any way to have another way to fit the aux... maybe direct link to a channel of some kind on the ba k of the head unit?  I want to run my tablet and aux at the same time.  I know I can't use Bluetooth and aux at the same time but I do have a mixed and had planned to run both through the aux.  I had a 2018 caddy which looked to have the same unit and it worked fine.  any help on the matter would be appreciated.  maybe older version of firmware for the radio could help?  I'm unsure tried everywhere.  only suggestions I have is to run a mini amp through the speakers and do it that way,  but I'd rather not go ripping stuff out and have to fit aby more crap if at all possible.   trying to find a user manual for the stereo to see what connections I could utilise.  

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