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  2. Hi all, just looking for some directions on what I can try next, grateful for help. My passenger brake doesn't come on when I depress the brake, and the yellow warning light shows to confirm it. I've changed the bulb, difference. The indicator light comes on so I assume that means the cluster is ok? Is there a fuse or some trouble shooting I could take to try and narrow the problem down? Thank you,
  3. ANY ADVICE APPRECIATED I have some 18” 5x100 ET35 alloys im looking to fit them to my 2014 Touran using a 15mm adaptor (5x112-5x100) My question is will the 15mm adaptor push the ET35 to much causing the wheel to stick out to far from the arch
  4. For Sale is my private registration number M11 BUG, the number is currently on retention and ready to transfer. £1400
  5. Hello all, Brought my first VW last week after being a Fiat owner for nearly 20 years. I purchased a 09 2.0 TDI highline estate, I have a couple of jobs to do (which you expect) So far I'm very impressed with it.
  6. The headlamps (Bi-Xenon type) on my VW Golf Mark 7 work fine but the lenses are extremely faded and scratched. I have attempted restoring them but not successful. A number of on-line stores (EBay, Amazon etc) list replacement lenses for sale and I would like to try using these before I resort to buying complete (and expensive) headlamp units. I know the lenses are sealed into the headlamp body using butyl sealant and have viewed a couple of YouTube videos which demonstrate how to remove/replace lenses by heating the complete headlamp unit in an oven to soften the seal. Can anyone provide their experience (good and bad!) of doing this on a Golf Mk7 and any tips? Tx
  7. I get you! Forums can be a bit of a maze at first. So, when it comes to the VW Passat, the 1.5-liter automatic usually rocks the dry clutch gearbox, while the 2.0-liter tends to sport the wet clutch. The DSG box terminology might throw anyone off initially, but it essentially refers to the Direct-Shift Gearbox, the automatic transmission VW is known for. Don't worry about the forum finesse; we're all here to help each other out!
  8. Hi all. I have an 08 Passat TDI estate.I've had an advisory on last mot to get bushes replaced on front lower wishbones both NS and OS. Some mechanic said the bushes can be replaced on the wishbones, another guy today said the bushes can't be replaced and I have to replace the whole lower Wishbone minus the ball joints. Which is correct please? Also if the job is done would tracking be counted as part of the rectification after installation of new wishbones or would that be an additional charge? I've been quoted £300 to replace the lower wishbones. Many thanks. Ess
  9. Hi all. Running a 08 Passat Estate and have a few questions. Mechanics locally giving me mixed info. Hope someone can help
  10. 2006 golf tsi 1.4. Gearbox is HYG. I’ve found a kvv gearbox fairly local from a 1.4 tsi 08. Is there an difference would anybody know. Thanks in advance. Andrew.
  11. Hi guys, got a mk8 with the above fault. It was in a smash but all error codes cleared new seatbelts etc so no airbag light or anything. Now digital climate control is not working due to above fault. I am also getting fault code b109ef0. Does anybody know the standard coding for the hvac fault so I can overwrite with vcds? Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  12. Evening all, Ive just purchased a 2014 Tiguan 2.0 diesel 4wd DSG . 80 K so far so good, looking foward to seeing how it goes. Have had a few VAG cars over the years. Cheers Dan
  13. Hi, I'm currently selling my Sharan - it's on Auto Trader and Gumtree, and all I've had is a tonne of absolute chancers - tyre kickers and rude offers! So my question is: is there anywhere better than Auto Trader and Gumtree? Or are the chancers, time wasters and tyre kickers just a fact of life that I need to get over? Any tips greatly welcomed! Thanks Chris
  14. hi can anyone help i have 2018 passat how the heck do get the heater to work thanks
  15. Hi, my Touran is of 140Kw, Y2016, highline trim. I’m looking for a possibility to do some upgrades towards R-line. E.g. Sports suspension and sports seats. Has someone experience with such upgrading? if yes - would appreciate if shared information about costs of such upgrade and if it was worth compared to Highline version. Or maybe someone could sell me the parts for such upgrade? Many thanks!
  16. Hi all, Have recently purchased a lovely Touran after having a Q5. Long story short, had a child and thought a Q5 would be sufficient for family travel when we eventually had another child, and would have been the case had it not been for twins arriving last week. A blessing nonetheless but meant I had to look at other options, and the Touran was the best fit. Absolutely love the car, and actually prefer it to my old Q5. The only issue I have is that it is a really good spec with halogen headlights. I find it quite surprising the R Line doesn’t come with LED as standard but never mind. Therefore, I’m looking to upgrade the unit. Is it just a case of buying a unit and swapping it over or will there be other work involved with additional wiring / control units / programming etc? Here is a unit I have found for reference https://m.autodoc.co.uk/van-wezel/9960207 Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks
  17. Hi. I owned VW sharan 2012 TSI 1.4 with auto gear,for almost a year . It's quite good car. But little worried about fuel consumption, I can see from the trip computer that the fuel consumption is 11.4 l/100km inside the city usually,is that a regular consumption according to your experience , which thing I need to check if its high consumption.
  18. Also forgot to mention yes linear from cold to hot on the temp sensor, only think that makes it go down a little is if I turn on the heat in the cabin
  19. Hey unfortunately it's a basic scanner (Carista) however my mechanic may have something that will allow me to do that, so will have a word with him. I presume we would check the live data to verify this? Failing that I presume it would be the harness from my research. Thank you for your input :) will investigate this lead
  20. Hi Mazzy....welcome to the club It certainly sounds like a build up of carbon in both the EGR and Turbo which could cause these issues. First thought would be to treat the engine to a carbon clean such as Terraclean which would remove the build up and allow the engine to breath properly - both in and out Turbo variable vanes can gum up and stop moving which will cause an underboost issue as would carbon buildup elsewhere in the intake causing the engine to block up and restrict the flow of boost to where it should be which can cause further damage if untreated Let us know how you get on with it
  21. Hi Dazzer, good to see you back again Just wondering what equipment you have used to read the fault codes and whether it has the function to recode injectors As is common with Fords, the injectors go out of synch over time (usually 80k miles) and if you have the facility to recode them to recalibrate the injection rate which balances all of the injectors to the same rate....it seems like the issue is spreading across the engine hence my thought here? Alternatively, what is the coolant sensor reading (linear from cold to hot without any glitches?) May not necessarily bring up a code but can affect the injection rate as the engine warms up
  22. Hey All, So haven't had to visit here in a while and I now have a problem, which I'm sure is common as heck and ya'll will probably scold me for posting a new thread about it. So It's a p1261 code along with p1264, now the one ending 61 was there when I originally bought the car (scanned it after purchase I know dumb dumb) however it sounds sweet, and runs fine (until recently I'll get to that) the 64 one was there also but I cleared them both at the time and only the 61 returned. However now the 64 has reared it's ugly head. Now I know it is VERY common for the wiring loom to go bad, due to in my opinion a Stupidly place harness. However I figured I'd ask you guys to weigh in on it here's the code's in the entirety and when they were triggered. P1261 – Cylinder 1 pump/injector valve: Control limit exceeded Freeze frame Priority: 0 Malfunction frequency counter: 1 Unlearning counter: 39 Odometer reading: 214197 km Engine speed: 1312.0 RPM Engine torque: 24.0 Nm Vehicle speed: 41.0 km/h Text field: 4.875 uF Text field: 15.25 mJ Text field: 6 mJ P1264 – Cylinder 2 pump/injector valve: Control limit exceeded Freeze frame Priority: 0 Malfunction frequency counter: 2 Unlearning counter: 40 Odometer reading: 214196 km Engine speed: 1792.0 RPM Engine torque: 80.0 Nm Vehicle speed: 5.0 km/h Text field: 4.875 uF Text field: 12.50 mJ Text field: 12 mJ Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated, as now the car intermittently shits it's self and stalls!? only tends to happen when just started and not quiet warm... don't know if it's related or not. If someone could also recommend as to where to get the wiring harness, hoping it's not injectors themselves as 1.can't find them brand new 2. the ones I have found are expensive and there reconditioned ones. Apologies for the lengthy one
  23. 2 error codes: P0299 turbo charger underboost P0401 Exhaust gas recirculation flow - insufficient detected
  24. Hi. I've owned a number of mk1 Sharans, which I loved but I've just bought a 2009 Alhambra Ecomotive because my last Sharan finally died. However I've got a problem which is fairly similar to something that happened on my Sharan Sport some years ago. The car has the engine management light on and when started says "Emissions Workshop". I drive it and after a while the flashing glow plug light comes on and it enters limp home mode. There is a slight smell of exhaust gases in the car when the heater is on and at night I can see some smoke (presume exhaust) coming from the front grill. The car accelerates before it goes into limp mode but it is noisy - like a fast ratchet sound, plus I can hear the turbo kicking in (there is some lag) and then I keep hearing a woosh as it dumps pressure. It does this as it's accelerating but not being driven hard - almost like pressure is building up but too much. It's not at the end of acceleration, it's continually through it. Took it to a local garage who have me the sucked in air and "probably hoses or the egr, but I don't like the fact there's some oil around the hoses. Gonna be costly". I've got a diagnostic tool arriving today so probably can get some codes but my question is, what is the likely issue and is it going to be costly if I get second hand or pattern parts? Thanks. Have to say, the dashboard is not a patch on the Sharan because everything is red light and is difficult to read easily whereas the Sharan was blue and red - much easier!
  25. Hi....welcome to the Forum Firstly, the corrosion sounds like the tester being vigilant and listing these areas of corrosion as it is relevant and can therefore be checked the year after to see if it has worsened. Mostly, something like Lanolin based rust inhibitor could be sprayed into and onto the areas to ensure it doesn't get any worse. The service parts are a must and cannot be delayed if you wish to get to 200k miles. If you are not sure if something has been replaced then always best to replace it anyway Good luck with it all and let us know how you get on with it all
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