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  2. Does anyone know if it possible to have a third isofix fitted to the middle 2nd row seat in earlier touran's? Thanks
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  4. Not sure which pins you want to bridge but may be worth a try. Alternatively it may be worth fixing the fault if the car is worth spending on it?
  5. It may be worth spending the money (if fairly reasonable) to rectify the issue but it may just be a matter of time before the problem comes back if the engine doesn't get a proper run
  6. I have twisted the lead going to the connection so that when it is on the coil the terminals are biased to the side slightly which I find makes a better connection
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  8. Hello, I have a 2013 polo, new coils and plugs fitted but the connector to the coil on cylinder 2 doesn’t sit tight enough so causes a misfire. It’s a new genuine vw connector as well. How can I make the connector fit more tightly onto the coil?
  9. I’m looking to potentially upgrade the head unit in my sharan - I’m picking mine up over the weekend 2016 reg but noticed the head unit does have apple play for mirroring the navigation app and music. looking for recommendations for replacements. cheers.
  10. Hope someone can please help my dpf light keeps comming on I have had it regenerated about 20 times no fault codes I have had a company come and clean it (£270) have replaced the top sensor and it’s still comming on and going into limp mode would a new dpf sort this once and for all the car is a 13 reg blue motion tdi 140000 miles I love the car and don’t want to get rid of it but am proper fed up with it now cherrs
  11. Proud owner of B5.b 4 motion 2003. My ABS is disconnected due to fault. Of course those 2 lights come up to dashboard and MOT guys did not like it. Would some of you suggest a different solution from replacing ABS or dismantling the dashboard to switch them off, please? I thought of maybe some pin bridging in the cable which is now disconnected from ABS. Thanks and best. Joe
  12. Thank you for getting back with your suggestion to the query raised, it sounds like a very good option to me and which I will pass on to my daughter. Thank you again. Daniel
  13. Hi MIke I do wonder if the fault started after the screen was fitted then quite possibly it needs calibrating to work correctly
  14. VW may have a harness listed for aftermarket adaptions, but sometimes the wires are not used and some you need to swap around (red and blue I believe to retain the memory)
  15. I suppose if we go on the assumption that it is the EGR then it is probably not getting driven hard enough to keep the valve clear of carbon. The only viable and cheapest option around this is to fit a blanking plug as all new EGRs will probably block up the same way
  16. It could be a bad earth connection or lead, faulty alternator, loose belt, terminal corrosion on the battery terminals, poor quality battery (maybe pay extra for Premium one with more power), more use on the road during the daytime (without lights, etc).....in fact many other issues which would need further diagnosis
  17. Try looking under the carpet on the passenger footwell side, there is usually a control unit in there which fills with water and causes issues like this
  18. I have a 2009 VW polo with a battery that runs flat if I haven’t turned the engine over for about 4 days. It’s been doing this for about 3 years years now. In the past I didn’t drive it much and mostly short journeys but since the problem started I’ve been driving it at least twice a week for about 45 mins each time. I have RAC cover so each time it’s flat they run checks on the battery and almost every time the result is replacement battery needed. My cover provides replacement batteries so there’s no additional cost but it does mean I’m getting about 3 new batteries a year. I’ve had the car checked multiple times for a drain, none can be found and the alternator is fine. I’ve been told repeatedly I just need to drive it more often and for longer journeys but even with the extra effort it still runs flat after a few days of not being used. Any ideas?
  19. We are having an issue with the Windscreen wipers not working when our vehicle, Arteon 2018, has been parked on the drive of our house overnight. We have to drive a short distance down the road for the wiper system to work. Is this normal behaviour because we had a new windscreen fitted prior to taking ownership and wondered if the sensor has been damaged, if so, the dealership will have to sort it out, but we are not sure if there is an issue or not. Just concerned because if there was heavy rain it would be difficult to see before heading on the road without wipers working. We had same windscreen wiper system on our VW Passat and that worked fine without any hesitation and that also had a windscreen replacement. Any ideas? Many thanks in advance Mike
  20. I need the circuit covered by eac fuse. Can any body give a picture as the box cover and had book give no detail. Thank you.
  21. My daughter has a 2013 Sharan ( this is her second Sharan ) and she has encountered a problem with diesel fumes in the car and depending on the weather these can be just about tolerable to intolerable. She was advised to have the ERG valve repaired which she did and the problem seemed to go away only to return in recent times. My questions are, is this problem related the the valve entirely, how much is the cost and replacement of a new one !. It is serious to the point where she wants to change the vehicle entirely when perhaps a change of valve may sort out the problem. Any advice or input is very welcome. Thank you.
  22. Hi guys have a problem with rear lights I turn them on with the switch and then they come on then turn off within 5 secs I have replaced the headlight switch which operates the lights and still the same any help
  23. Hi, I’m trying to fit an aftermarket stereo in my 2006 Sharan, but I can find the correct harness for my car. Halfords have one for a VW but the pins do not correspond with the iso in my car. Has anyone had this experience? Or found a harness that works? thanks.
  24. I would go to another garage and seek their advice as to the problem and any potential issues
  25. Same garage just told me its my clutch that needs replacing.
  26. The springs and wheel bearing are par for the course as these can go hand in hand sometimes. The engine revs sounds more like DPF or EGR blocked and this needs the codes reading to see which it is before proceeding with rectifying it
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