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  2. Hi everyone I'm gordon from Scotland UK and I just purchased a vw golf mk5 2.0 gt tdi 4motion 2006. I was just wondering were is the best place to get propsharft joinst and prop bearing and bottom front wish bones and if you no eny one who can rebuild turbo's as the baines are stuck with carbon build up thanks in advance
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  4. Sounds like VW only part and special order as well
  5. Does anyone know where I can get an retrofit Active Info Display installed in Kent?
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  7. Hi I'm just wondering are these mk5 golf gt tdi 4motion rear as got told there are not meny 4motion mk5s.
  8. Hi mate, have you tried roofbox.co.uk?
  9. Hi i am trying to find a plastic spacer which fixes to the bottom of the boot so when it is closed it makes a gap between the boot and the rear bumper i cant find the part anywhere. I have one missing and the bottom edge of the boot is going rusty because the rain water is tracking and not dripping of the bottom of the boot when closed, any advice on the part would be welcome
  10. This is quite a common issue and the replacement one should be better quality over the original one
  11. 2016 1.2 TSI Golf 30,000 miles...EPC light intermittently on dash within first 2 weeks of owning this car, back to garage, turns out the turbo actuator needed replaced..quite surprised at this for such a low mileage car and it's got me wondering if I'm in for persistent problems down the line and should hand this car back?? Any similar experiences? Thanks.
  12. I can't find any roof bars for my mk8 Golf ? I assumed i could just buy the Thule fitting kit for my Areo bars but non exist. I've tried a set for the mk7.5 but they are miles off. Anyone got any ideas?
  13. Hi....welcome to the forum It could be that some of the hoses are perished but wouldn't cost more than 100 maximum I would say as it is emission based faults then it would probably just benefit from running some additives in the fuel and give it a thrash up and down a motorway until it runs clear. The light can then be switched off by clearing the fault codes and at very little cost without expensive replacement of components.
  14. 2002 passat check engine light on and we have to turn over twice before it starts. EVAC and emission. Repair shop said it's going to cost $1000 for the hoses alone. Is this generally the cost of hoses. My goodness.
  15. I have only ever replaced the complete assembly (guides, rollers and cables all in one and just bolt into place. I have also previously replaced just cables on a Freelander and this was not too successful in the long run
  16. Hello everybody my wife and I have moved to malta and we brought our VW T5 camper with us,,,,we had a private numberplate on it along with private plates on my scooter and my wife’s car. We have now registered the vehicles with the malta transport so can’t use the U.K. plates. so I was wondering if any would like the buy any of them especially the D1G VW one the others are both mine and my wife’s initials that might be of interest to someone else, I paid £950 for each one 15 years ago they are all on retention certificate and I am open to offers over £1000 each if anyone’s interested in
  17. Hi all. After a window fail (whilst in Cornwall a couple of weeks ago - rear passenger window dropped and wouldn't release back up....gaffer tape and layer of plastic sheet until we got back!) myself and a neighbour helping me have had a look at a fix. The retainer clip had broken so I sourced the appropriate regulator kit. Managed to get the new plastic clip back on and all seemed ok. Tricky getting the dowel into the window glass and cable in but we eventually managed it. However, once tested we heard a crunching noise and soon realised the cable was being shredded intside the sp
  18. They are usually quite easy to change if you can gain access to it
  19. Hi Whitleybhoy....welcome to the Forum VCDS may resolve the issue with the voice activation if you take it to somewhere that has this equipment or even purchase it yourself if your handy with a PC
  20. I just bought my First Scirocco today and I thought I’d join the owners club. I have a 2016 148bhp R-Line tech. A couple from initial questions, where can I find cruise control and how much does voice activation cost? When I press “voice” I get a messsage to contact my dealer
  21. I just bought my First Scirocco today and I thought I’d join the owners club. I have a 2016 148bhp R-Line tech. A couple from initial questions, where can I find cruise control and how much does voice activation cost? When I press “voice” I get a messsage to contact my dealer
  22. After 2 long years.. MOT passed after A spring and little patch welding on exhaust. NOT the front struts like KWIK FIT failed it on. Granted new starter was needed as failed to start on day of MOT. Frustrating as had been starting. Still a bloody good result
  23. any recommendations please? Main dealer pricing is turning out to be ridiculous...
  24. Hi, thanks for your advice! Will try a reboot and go from there. If that doesn't work I will need to find someone with a VCDS.
  25. Hi folks, Anyone Tried to change this by themselves? How easy or how hard was it?
  26. Hi....welcome to the Forum It sounds more like a sychronisation issue and maybe needs a reboot (battery reset) or software update to relearn the settings. Maybe VCDS might offer this option over the Delphi scantool
  27. Hi all hoping someone here maybe able to point me in the right direction. I have a B7 2011 VW Passat Bluemotion TDI. A few weeks back I had an error message come up on the info screen saying TPMS fault, system unavailable along with the permanent yellow TPMS light on the dash. Since then I have also had the coil light on (which i believe is just engine management), stop/start error along with other various lights from time to time (ABS, TCS, Parking brake light - all in yellow) On scanning the car with Delphi OBD scanner software it said that the brake light switch signal is implausible-
  28. Hi....welcome to the Forum What a superb VeeDub and have to say I love this model especially in this colour. Enjoy it and good to have you onboard
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