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  2. I am trying to find a good free VIN Decoder without much success. One of them even told me the car was a Golf. Is there someone out there who knows of a good one and maybe even run my vin number, WVWZZZAWZLU050278, through it. 🙂 Thanks
  3. The wireless carplay in our Polo is very convenient, except that when my wife and I both get in the car, we don’t seem to be able to control which phone connects to CarPlay. How do we control who connects, or swap from one to the other? Currently we are switching off Bluetooth on one phone before starting the engine
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  5. The other thing you you must bear in mind is that with the bigger wheel you may be increasing the outside diameter of the Tyre/Wheel and that will distort your speedo reading 🙂
  6. My 2020 GTi came with wind deflectors around the side windows front and rear. I don't like them and I have tried to get the off but they don't seem to come off easily. How on earth do they come off, I don't want to damage anything.
  7. Hi the name is Andy and I am new to this forum. Not new to VW however, I have had Golfs and an Eos before having a string of four Mercedes. I have just swapped my 2017 C Class for a 2020 Polo GTi Plus. Why ? I have had enough of Mercedes size bills. My last service on the MB was over £1,000. The latest issue was a Nox sensor, also around the £1,000, it also needed a new set of tyres all round so good bye another £800 or so 😒 The Polo is a very different car but after a couple of weeks with it I am loving it. 🙂
  8. M600 GTD private plate for sale. £300 Message for details. Thanks
  9. Hi Recently my average mpg readout on the digital dash has been fluctuating a lot. It's the average one with a crossed out circle symbol, not the instantaneous one. It used to take a very long time to change as it was averaged over a 600 mike trip, might go up 2mpg on a long trip for example. But recently it jumped up from 46 to 50 on a 5 mike trip, then down to 24. Now it reads about 21 but it seems to change randomly, and far faster than it should. No warning lights, 2011 model...any ideas?
  10. Hi guys. As i do not know much about turbo diesels i thought id ask. I had my 2008 1.9tdi stage one tuned. Since the tune i notice a whistling sound when i accelerate through the gears. I read online this could be the turbo spooling up more pressure due to the tune. Or could it be the accuator itself. Is this whistling normal after a stage 1 tune? Its running 160bhp and 325lb of torque off this tune. I could not hear this prior to the tune 3mths ago but have since. It could be a biproduct of the tune but thought id ask as know very little about turbo cars in general. Thanks. Chris.
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  12. I have a 2016 VOLKSWAGEN SHARAN MK2 (7N) SE TDI BLUEMOTION TECHNOLOGY DSG It seem to be stuck in less than 2000rpm. On the motor way it doesn't go beyond 30miles even with more stepping on the gas pedal. Revs are high at but speed stays the same or slower on a hill. What could be the problem? No engine lights no codes showing yet
  13. Hi all, can anyone tell me the size of the torx for the front strut pinch bolt please, mine are rounded off from previous owner. Thankyou.
  14. I’ve recently bought this polo after 4 Honda jazz’s the issue I’ve got is at a junction there is a lag then a judder before the car moves off and then it’s no problem it behaves until the next junction it has DSG gearbox any advice??
  15. Hello all, just changed the anti roll bar bushes, swapped to poly, I was led to believe only 1 nut was flanged on each bracket, turns out both nuts on each bracket are flanged, bit of a pig of a job room wise.
  16. Changed abs sensors and cleaned codes. Drive and hit breaks and lights up on dash flashing and abs. Put back on diagnostic machine still saying left rear abs. Plus breaks at front sound like they scraping. Can anybody assist. Me please
  17. Hi all new here, just seeing how many passats came with optional built in child seats in base of rear seats
  18. Wipers have lost conecection apprantly the master wiper motor can't talk to the other. Wipers work don't work on there own from intermittent to fast slow etc. Had it plugged in hope a second hand set of motors fix the issue only fitted on mine a 2004 sport blinking marvless.
  19. Hi I have recently bought a 2017 touran 1.5 petrol dsg. It came from a VW dealer and is under extended warranty. It has recently come up with the service required light on the dash. VW UK say it should have been serviced but dealer are saying its on a 24 month interval. Last time it was serviced it wasn't serviced by vw and when I rang the garage who serviced it they said its due now. Dealer are adamant that its 24 months and refusing to service it, instead they are saying they will turn off the service light... Can they just say its on a 24 month plan even though it hasn't had the necessary service previously. When I had a passat you had to pay forca major service to qualify for the 24 month interval. I personally think it's the dealer talking nonsense to avoid servicing the car, or am I missing something? Thanks in advance James
  20. If its free for a month then at least it gives you a chance to evaluate it to see if it is worth continuing with in the future
  21. Sounds like you need someone who has VCDS or VagCom to recode the system Here is a link to an Audi Owners Club section and would be the same software/hardware that can recode https://www.audiownersclub.com/forums/forum/106-vag-com-diagnostic-discussions/
  22. My first thought was not reindexing the handbrake motors with the correct scantool application. However, when you said you replaced the battery then that made more sense as to why the system was playing up
  23. Can anyone tell me how much the VW We Connect Plus service costs per month or annually. I waiting on my new Tiguan Elegance and would like to know the cost, Im also under the impression that new vw cars get a free subscription, but not sure for how long. Can anyone help. Thanks in advance
  24. I purchased a VW Sharan 1.4TSI 2011 via a private sale in July this year. I needed a 7-seater with the imminent arrival of twins (we already have 3 kids!) and after a lot of research decided that the Sharan fitted the bill. So basically, I have a problem with the car now where there are amber warning lights on the dashboard for ABS and ESP plus stop/start & autohold have stopped working. I initially took the car to an independent VW garage who told me there was a coding issue and they couldn't recode and recommended I take it to the main VW dealer. The VW dealer was also confused and sent details to their technicians in Germany - they finally came back and told me the issue was with the instrument cluster that had been installed by the importer (to change to mph). They were unable to explain why there were no warning lights for the first couple of months, but they were convinced a new cluster would fix it. They quoted £1400 which was much more than I hoped but I was now in a position where I needed the car on the road so agreed. When the part finally arrived VW contacted me to say that it still hadn't fixed it and they were unsure what to do. Eventually they told me they couldn't fix it and thought it was due to it being a grey import. So I picked up the car - it now has the new cluster but still the warning lights (VW didn't charge me in the end) On the paperwork VW states "found coding errors between ABS control unit and instrument cluster -renewed instrument cluster but still coding issues - unable to carry out further coding diagnosis" I'm very disappointed that VW have washed their hands of this and I am at a loss what to do. I have tried a Carista OBD to look for error codes and found 01044 control module incorrectly coded and 01317 control module in instrument cluster j285 Does anyone have any suggestions? Does anyone know of any coders who could fix this in the north Yorkshire region?? Any help appreciated.
  25. VW Passat Estate B6 As the MOT was due soon, I decided to check all the brake pads. The front had plenty of wear left although the wear limit warning cable had broken, so I ‘snipped’ it off as it was not part of any management system other than a warning on the dash. I will replace the front pads when necessary, complete with its wear limit warning cable. The rear pads were quite worn, so I decided they needed attention. I replaced the rear pads and drove quite happily for a couple of days using the electric handbrake where needed. I then drove to a local post box and had to apply the handbrake as I was on a slope but on returning to the car, the handbrake would not disengage. As it was pouring with rain, I assumed maybe water had got into one of the brake calliper motors but after about 5 minutes the handbrake disengaged! I drove home but then applied the handbrake, although this time it stayed engaged. This was the day before my MOT/service booking. On investigating I found the driver’s side rear wheel was locked by the handbrake, the passenger side appeared OK. I released the driver’s side by removing the calliper motor. On re-instating, it rotated OK but after applying the foot brake followed by pressing the handbrake switch/button , the passenger side was locked by the handbrake but the driver’s side was OK! So I then removed both handbrake calliper motors and checked them electrically which showed both motors rotated, both clockwise and anticlockwise. I also checked the cable connectors for both calliper motors and neither had any voltage when the handbrake switch/button was pressed. By this time both road wheels were able to rotate even though the handbrake switch /button is flashing, and continues to flash! As there were no blown fuses found, I can only assume that there is a fault with the handbrake module but I haven’t got a computerised tool to evaluate the problem. As the car is down for its MOT/service, the handbrake problem would need attention first. Next day, and after I had re-booked the MOT/service, as the battery was flat, I used my son’s Jump Start device and went for a short drive of about 10 miles. During that trip the handbrake switch/button continued to flash but this time, whenever the car was moving, there was a beeping noise in tandem with the switch/button flashing. On returning home I tried the switch/button but it didn’t make any difference although the beeping had stopped, probably as the car was stationery with the engine running. Then that night it rained but the following morning I noticed the handbrake switch/button was not flashing. I drove out and on my return I tried the switch/button and heard one (or both) calliper motors whirring. The switch/button now had a full illumination indicating handbrake was on. I pressed the switch/button again, it went out and I was able to drive. I then raised a rear road wheel and then pressed the switch button. The wheel could not be moved. On releasing the switch/button, the road wheel became free. I repeated the process with the other rear road wheel and the result was the same. Maybe it is the switch/button that is temperamental (?) CURIOUS, any ideas?
  26. Sounds like one of the vent flaps is stuck, may have to look under the dash to see if a linkage has dropped off or is seized
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