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  2. It would be interesting to compare the weight between the two batteries. Cheaper ones are always lighter (less lead inside) and are not worth the money.
  3. Hi....welcome to the Forum submerged CCMs on Passats, forgot all about that issue, have done some of those in the past 🙂 I would recommend that the cambelt has been changed in accordance with manufacturers guidelines as they tend to have issues with bolts breaking, etc. Otherwise, they're not a bad vehicle to own. Definitely not DSG though unless its been recently rebuilt
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  5. Slight update.. Don't have a battery charger, but bought a solar charger off ebay. Had some power go in, went as turned ignition. Mate lent me his slow charger, 19 hours later still not fully charged. Weird for a "new" battery from Kwik Fit Changed for another new battery and it started 2nd attempt. All good progress towards it making back on the road yay
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  7. Hi I'm seriously thinking about buying a 2016 r line touran 2.0ltr diesel manual not dsg. Does anyone have any advice on what to look for. I'm currently driving a passat b5.5 and I've had my fun with changing door locking mechs and sorting out wet ccm's under passenger footwell 😡 Thank you all in advance !! 😀😀😀
  8. Slight update.. Don't have a battery charger, but bought a solar charger off ebay. Had some power go in, went as turned ignition. Mate lent me his slow charger, 19 hours later still not fully charged. Weird for a "new" battery from Kwik Fit
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  10. Thank you for your reply. I checked the fuses inside the cabin.. all good. Checked the ones on top of the battery, all good. It was literally a brand new battery so hopefully fully charged. No tester to find out. Naturally I will let you know 🙂
  11. Hi...welcome to the Forum It may be a case of working through the electrical system starting from the battery and go from there. Ensure the terminals are tight, is the battery actually have 12 volts in it, look at the main power supply fuse (should be something with at least 60amp fuse), are the earth leads in good order, etc. Seized starter motor, main relay? many areas it could possibly be but you may need to call in a mobile mechanic/auto electrician to check it out. Let us know what you find
  12. hi all. My baby has been stood for 2 years. Put a new battery on but there is NOTHING. Granted I knew it needed work but not sure what to do. Its a a 130pd. Egr blanked. 115k. 3rd owner (8 years) LOTS spent. HELP?
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  14. I have just bought a Vw Touran 2008 . Do all the seats fold completelt flat on this model ? Or do just the last row ,and the the second row just fold flatter but not completly flat ?. Does the front passenger seat fold flat or forward ? I would appreciate any help regarding this thanks Peter
  15. If it is a 3 pin sensor then it is a digital sensor (active) and requires voltage to function If it has 2 pins then it is inductive (passive sensor) which does not need a voltage to function The engine requires moving components to wave past the sensor to create a signal and if the moving component is not to par then it won't work
  16. it's about the camshaft sensor I measured pin 1 I gave 5v 2 the same and 3 I don't have a signal on it but I moved the device on hm and I gave a signal then why does an error appear on the tester that it's the sensor?
  17. Hi It is probably an inductive sensor and won't put out any signal until it is in the cambelt intact or is it broken? If the cam is not turning then there won't be a signal
  18. I also have a problem with my car is vw jetta from 2008 engine 1.9 I put on the tester and I gave an error to the sensor camshaft no signal and I checked the pins on the plug I gave 1 -5v on 2-5v and on three nothing signal at number three I have nothing I could do please help me
  19. Thanks for the suggestion. As it happens, turned out to be a tiny crack in the flexible sealant on corner of tailgate end roof panel. Only just noticeable by small rust spot.
  20. Hi....welcome to the Forum It may not have been removed as it was around this period that they introduced DPFs to diesel vehicles. The best way to determine this is to see if the vehicle is Euro3, 4, or 5, etc. Check out the spec on this link. Look at the Euro Status and then do a search to see if it should have one fitted
  21. Hi new to group,viewed a 57 plate shuttle but I noticed the dpf had been bypassed.Im no mechanic but is this a big no no.Guy selling said garaged had removed a smoking? Any advice ?
  22. Both front door (puddle) lights stopped working together. Is there a seperate fuse maybe? .....anyone help if you can please
  23. Hi Guys, can I fit a later model sharan steering wheel and air bag to a 98 sharan? thanks
  24. Hi all is there anybody out there who’s is breaking a t1 pickup or can point in the direction of a replacement body panel supplier thanks all
  25. Hi there, new to this group. I purchased some new Xenon bulbs from One of my bulbs broke, so I bought some new bulbs from Top quality and speedy delivery time. If anyone is looking to buy some new bulbs, I highly recommend using them.
  26. hi, does anyone know if the vw sharan updated model is on sale now.
  27. 2014 passat 2l diesel (b7).  What is typical cost of replacing the AC compressor unit


  28. Hi I have a 2000 V reg automatic Polo for sale with 76000 miles on. It could do with some tlc on boot and a spot of laquer coming off on bonnet. Can send pics of anyone interested?
  29. Hi....welcome to the Forum Usually the ride height is dictated by the coil spring size itself. The coil over adjustment will tighten or loosen the coil spring tension therefore affecting the handling performance and ride comfort but not really affect the ride height considerably but may alter it marginally. Just try adjusting it for the settings you prefer for daily driving and also handy to adjust if you were taking it on a track for example.
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