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  3. Have you disturbed any vacuum lines when you serviced the vehicle?
  4. Hi, I have a 14 plate 4 motion just reset my service message, but now my display shows settings not complete as I drive? I can't set it to mfd either. What am I doing wrong? can anybody advise please? many thanks
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  6. I believe there are specialist audio companies that would install the software but if not then £250 is a bit steep but you would know the install is reliable and up to date
  7. Hi James.....welcome to the Club Good to have you onboard
  8. Hi all I am James from Oldham Manchester I drive a b6 passat 1.9tdi 2007 estate
  9. Hi all new here just wanted to know how I can get Android auto which I believe is a free open source thing from Google on my Passat without paying VW dealer £250 for installing it!!! Would really appreciate some help👍👍
  10. Can you get a photo of what is there for you to undo (head of bolt, etc)
  11. Yes, usually if you unplug the MAF and it runs better it means it running on a default setting and the MAF is defective. Maybe it is a defective one and a new (quality) one will resolve the issue.
  12. Hi folk, I'm hoping someone hre can help me solve this problem... I need to change the OSF/Drivers side wishbone/suspension subframe/bracket. The problem I'm having is with the bolt to the steering rack! It has no nut on it just like a thing washer on the top with a small amount of thread sticking out. When I try to remove this bot it just turns including the thick washer on the top it all turns but dose not come out!!!! I'm at my wits end with it was in the pit all day yesterday trying to get it out cant get a grip on the washer type fixing on the top with any
  13. Cheers for the reply. I do have an update. I had a guy come and fit a new MAF sensor and he re set everything but 60 miles later the Emissions workshop came on again. I took the car to a different mechanic and he said the MAF sensor which had been fitted wasn't the best make. Sounds like the first mechanic replaced the MAF with a cheep one. The car had started to really act odd low speed like it was about to die. My new mechanic unplugged the MAF sensor and the car drives like new. EMISSIONS WORKSHOP however is still showing. Would you try replacing the MAF sensor again or I'm I just thr
  14. It could be a combination of carbon build up in the turbo and EGR (and DPF if fitted) amongst other things. Maybe the engine would benefit from a Terraclean or similar to remove all the carbon and freshen up the performance.....not too expensive and plenty of companies offering a mobile service
  15. I bought it and fits perfect. Thank you
  16. Thank you I'll keep it in mind. Could it be the Turbo . This morning the car just felt wrong in the low gears. Like the car was about to stall. That being said feels very powerful on the motorway so am unsure how to move forward. Lol Regards: Steve
  17. I would have thought the glovebox would be the same for both saloon and estate variants.
  18. Sorry, not sure but worth speaking to your local dealer to see what part numbers are available
  19. I would probably stick to the stock turbo if electronically controlled variable vanes and wastegate. If you change turbos then it should be possible to remap it I would imagine
  20. Hi It does sound like it could be EGR. Maybe the best method is to fit a blanking plate in the EGR but ensure it has a small hole in the middle of it to get a small amount of gas flow to satisfy any sensors
  21. HI ALL, GOLF TDI GT 2007 I'm in need of some advice please. HAS anyone had similar issues as this. Emissions keeps showing. I had two fault codes. One for the Altitude sensor and 24 on the Mass Air Sensor. I've just had the MAS changed and the high pressure fuel pump last week. The car drove fine ish today but it did feel like it was sucking air in to the engine as I accelerated. I'm think it could be the EGR possibility being stuck on backed up. Or could this be a build up of oil into the pipping below the EGR. Any help would be very much appreciated. DIC
  22. Hello, everyone. I hope you'll forgive me if I hijack this thread for a moment to ask a question. I have a 2002 Jetta TDI (ALH) which has been in storage for past 2 years as I did not want to deal with an engine in limp mode at the time (135K miles). I knew at the time that I had a coked EGR valve and likely a turbocharger with stuck open (closed?) vanes. No CILs. Starts without hesitation or excessive smoking. As I want to bring it back to operation again, I was going to remove and clean the EGR valve, tubes and MAF, as well as the turbo, itself. But, if I have the turbo off the engine, why n
  23. Hi I am struggling to enter a post code into my 2017 Tiguan sat nav  any help would be appreciated

  24. Hi. I have old Passat b5 like in topic. It's from 2003. I have a problem with find replacement for my broken glove box for UK version. I found one used in good condition but it's from estate version and my car is saloon. Is there any difference between this two types when we speak about glove box? Thank you
  25. Are all parcel shelfs compatible with different touran?
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