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  2. Similar to Passat and golf is there anywhere in a 2006 Touran that is designed specifically to hold the owners booklets, manual, service history? thanks
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  4. I have tried to look everywhere to see what air con gas goes in my 2017 Polo Match. Can anyone help as guide say look under bonet and there will be a sticker with code number on. Not in my car.
  5. When I’m in the car for a while or after a drive this noise will seem to pop up anyone know what it could be IMG_1229.MOV
  6. Hi I’m hoping I can get some help about my key fob i bought the car the other day the key battery was dead and I changed it however the fob still doesn’t work and I have to manually lock and unlock I googled it and nothing helpful really came up does anyone know how to reset it or what could be up with it
  7. Hi all, new here.. had a b6 passat for a while until it was written off.. wanted to stay with vw and found a lovely 2011 cc gt. Lovely spec and very low miles.. just wanted to come and say hi
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  9. I have just bought a touran 5 seater and i was wondering is it possible to fit the 2 extra seats out of a 7 seater or is the floor pan a completely different shape in the boot area
  10. Hi I have recently bought my lovely Tiguan but cannot update the SD card for the satnav I’ve tried updating it from the website but the computer says it can’t find a program to open it!can anyone help me please?
  11. Could anyone tell me what this error code is plz I can't find it anywhere golf gtd 2016
  12. Considering egr+dpf delete and stage 1 remap on mk6 golf 1.6 tdi cr got 167k on clock still going strong. Is it advisable at that mileage
  13. Hi....welcome to the Club I would imagine it would be best to remove the door card and see what is occurring with the linkages and if not then it may well be the door lock actuator assembly at fault
  14. Hi Dune.....welcome to the Forum The Fiesta sounds interesting as we are very keen on road trips and the vehicles that take us on epic journeys. Feel free to post up photos of the Fiesta and would be very interested also to see how the Touran progresses over time
  15. If it is a safety issue like a seatbelt not operating correctly then there would be a safety recall https://www.gov.uk/check-vehicle-recall Worth putting your registration in and check the results
  16. All towbars should be approved and suitable for use in the UK for towing. Best to pop into a local towbar fitting centre in your area and get them to fit it as it would need wiring correctly to the vehicle electronics
  17. VCDS is probably the best known and reliable one to use
  18. Thankyou I’ll check all the connections.
  19. I am looking for an airbag squib with part number 95VW14A664AA for the 1998 Sharan petrol 1.8T 20v. Tried all the usual places and eBay. Found a part in Lithuania which when fitted activated the horn. Clearly not desirable. Vehicle okay otherwise. Any tips?
  20. You should be able to get a fitting kit to include the Air Mass Meter if fitted
  21. I would be surprised if the injectors were affected by going through a deep puddle. More than likely is that the engine ingested water into the engine via the intake (can be seen by air filter being deformed by water ingestion) and this can lead to hydraulic lock in the cylinders which would result in lower compression on one or more cylinders. I would run a compression test on the engine cylinders to determine if there is any drop in pressure
  22. Not sure if that's an internal or external fault. Maybe worth starting at the fusebox and working your way back to look for corrosion or loose connections
  23. Hi Matt......welcome to the Forums You are obviously a big fan of the Touran then? Good to have you onboard
  24. i got a vw tourag 2006 model ..just want to ask about this part :2006 VW Touareg 7LA Cooler For Exhaust Recuperation Part No. 070131511A...if its the same with this part as well as they look the same :070 131 512B?
  25. Breaking my utter pride and joy !! Front end smash
  26. It sounds like a strut top mount that is failing and is easy enough to replace if you drop the shock absorber/spring down
  27. no, I only reset the service.
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