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  2. Can someone tell me what the boot height is from the boot floor to roof? Trying work out if it tall enough for my dog.
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  4. I have 2015 2.0 tdi vw golf I can’t use apps and voice, as I need activation key. Would like to use apple play on car and voice commands for phone. Been told It cost about £400 from vw, and a cheaper sd card from vision coding voids any warranties. want to be able plug phone in for charging at times and use wireless at other times. Looking for cheaper options can you please help or direct me to someone who can. thanks Dave
  5. Hi, I'm looking for 4 rims for a GTD golf, 18 inch. Any available?
  6. Hi the passenger door won’t unlock on my be golf 2004 it sometimes does but mostly doesn’t been told by a garage over the phone that I need a near side door catch but am unable to find where to get one any advice would be appreciated thanks
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  8. Hello All, Can't seem to find a definitive answer on this, looking at the brake rotor size on the rear, I come up with two sizes, 282 and 286, my model is a 2.0tdi DSG. Is there a difference to the sizing for the electric parking brake or? Any help would be greatly appreciated, should mention my rims are 16's
  9. Thanks, will try that... if it was a poor quality bulb, would the filament still be in tact though ?
  10. Thanks. Possible but seems unlikely same fuse would control heated seats, HRW and ESP off. I may try plugging old unit back in and see if it all comes back.
  11. Thanks... I can't imagine how I would be able to trace/cut it perfectly enough though!
  12. I wonder if it could be the crankshaft sensor as when these fail it is usually when they get hot Try fitting a new one and see how you get on
  13. Not sure how they are connected to the audio system but would be interesting to refit the old unit to see if this cancels the errors?
  14. I know you mentioned that the car has been standing for some time in your previous post. Therefore, I would first look at wiring connections and the condition of cables leading to the transmission and control units
  15. Hi....welcome to the Club Hope you can make a good one out of the two cars. Good to have you onboard!
  16. Hi....welcome to the Club Hope you're successful in your search and feel free to share you find on here
  17. Not sure how far away the exhaust is from the rubber driveshaft gaiter and whether it is affecting the rubber (scorching it, drying it out, etc) I would pop into the local VW dealership and ask them to look it up on their parts system - if they can't order it at least you'll know the part number
  18. Hi....welcome to the Club Enjoy your Touareg and good to have you onboard!
  19. I assume you have the SE model? I have the same problem. The best solution could be to get a second hand head unit but the tricky bit is to find a VW dealer willing to code it to your car. My local dealer wanted £3k to fit a new media unit! I am also looking to replace the CD player with a single DIN Apple Carplay head unit as a cheaper option, but hoping others have successfully done this.
  20. Not sure but have heard about this sort of issue before and from memory it was a DSG fault. Maybe look in the www.audiownersclub.com and do a search for DSG shuddering or banging as seem to recall something on that forum
  21. It definitely sounds like a release bearing which may be slightly contacting the clutch cover plate diaghragm. This can be caused by incorrect clearance (if it is manually adjustable) - this will need to be checked that the marginal gap is there. Sometimes it can be aggravated by the driver resting their foot on the clutch pedal and this takes up the clearance which means the bearing is spinning with the engine rotation which if anything more than idle can wear the bearing and create the noise. Once you depress the pedal then the bearing is under load and the noise disappears. Alternatively it could be a cheap clutch kit which includes the bearing.
  22. Thank you. Yes, garage says it's the blinking gear box!
  23. Sounds odd.....would start by cleaning the intake system and ensure that the throttle body area is clear of all carbon deposits as this may be affecting the idle speed. Alternatively, there may be a idle reset / adaption process that will stabilise the idle speed - of course this would have to be carried out using a scantool
  24. It will need to be scanned to see what fault codes come up and go from there....
  25. Hi....welcome to the Club Couldn't go wrong with the old Beetles and although the Golf has evolved to a lot more advancements it is still quite reliable. The old Mk5 is about as good as they come but do ensure it has had regular servicing and cambelt replacement and then you're halfway there Good to have you onboard!
  26. Hi, does anyone know how to connect the wiring for a sub woofer to the existing wiring of the radio in my 64 plate polo as I have been struggling to fit the system.Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  27. I have a 2008 Touran with a 2.0 TDI 170hp engine. 2 weeks ago the RPM on idle started staying at 1100 from the usual 800-850.This happened everyday, but not every time the car was stopped. I did a check and not a single sensor or code was showing on the computer. In the meantime I changed a cracked water pipe which made the car loose about 1 liter of coolant (replaced now). And also when the RPM is at 1100 and when I press the brakes the steering wheel tends to shake or block for a fraction of a second when turning fast. Tried turning the wheel with normal RPM(800) and the steering wheel is absolutely fine. The car has been checked by many mechanics, but none have solved my problem. Anyone who has had the same problem or can give me a solution? Thanks in advance.
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