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  2. For sale pair of Thule wing edge bars for Golf Estate Mk7 with rails. £160 collection from CR3
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  4. Thanks for posting the solution that will be helpful to other members with this issue
  5. Well I suppose if they work and have done for that amount of miles then they should be good to fit. Not sure if you have to code them in though?
  6. Thats a tough one and I can only imagine the best way forward would be to replace the seat with something more suitable to you. Scrapyard would be my first port of call for a replacement seat
  7. Engine mounts? Subframe mounts? Anti-Roll Bar Links? Any of the above can cause a similar noise
  8. Thank you for your advice, They have checked the ECU already, no fault codes stored in there, I will ask them to check the ABS and other sensors, thanks you
  9. It looks like the vacuum hose from the Brake Exhauster which is driven from the engine. It would be quite vital to get this sorted as soon as possible. Looks like there are some other hoses that have some chaffing wear on them as well
  10. The window regulator is cheap to buy and relatively easy to fit if you have basic handtools List of parts on eBay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2499334.m570.l1313&_nkw=volkswagen+golf+mk7+drivers+side+window+regulator&_sacat=131090
  11. Hi there ladies and gents, I'm trying to run a microphone through the aux connection on my sharan.. it works but there is a horrible delay on the system as I think its getting processed through the onboard computer. is there any way to have another way to fit the aux... maybe direct link to a channel of some kind on the ba k of the head unit? I want to run my tablet and aux at the same time. I know I can't use Bluetooth and aux at the same time but I do have a mixed and had planned to run both through the aux. I had a 2018 caddy which looked to have the same unit and it worked fine. any help on the matter would be appreciated. maybe older version of firmware for the radio could help? I'm unsure tried everywhere. only suggestions I have is to run a mini amp through the speakers and do it that way, but I'd rather not go ripping stuff out and have to fit aby more crap if at all possible. trying to find a user manual for the stereo to see what connections I could utilise.
  12. I believe it is the turbo variable vanes which are stuck in place with carbon and needs cleaning. Here is a link to a cleaning kit: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/323958600044?hash=item4b6d6ff16c:g:basAAMXQfvlSg4~P
  13. not sure but not worth taking the chance it could well be the auxiliary drivebelt pulley but it sounded more metallic rather than a dry belt noise
  14. may have to ship in from abroad but costs are sometimes cheaper but take into account duties and carriage though
  15. larger diameter wheels and lower profiles would give the car the stance and improved handling without compromising the suspension ride height too much
  16. Would ask your local dealer for their estimated timeframe....could be some time with the current world situation and semiconductor issues
  17. not sure it will but worth trying some parts up to your car to compare if you find someone that has some for sale and doesn't mind you doing this
  18. A VAG specialist garage may be able to programme in the firmware to make this function operational
  19. Hi cylinderhead, The number 036103373D is cast on cylinder heads on VW Golf Mk2, 1.3 petrol (gasoline) engines. I've read that this part also fits VW Golf Mk2, 1.1, 8v engines and also some engines on VW Jetta and Scirocco models, but I cannot confirm about this. What I can confirm is that it fits a 1.3, 8v, HK engine on a VW Golf Mk2 1984 model, because I own one and am looking for a replacement cylinder head. in fact, that's how I found this post. If you would be willing to put this item (036103373D) for sale, I would appreciate it if you would kindly inform me, because I'll be interested in buying the item. Thank you. Regards.
  20. Does a b8 leather interior fit a b8 interior
  21. When I had it refilled they plugged it in & reset it all so it should know it’s full. I taken it back a couple of times & they have even drained it and checked to make sure nothing is broken but it’s not solved it
  22. Hi, welcome to the Club The cambelt will need changing on both mileage and time so it will now be six years old so I would programme it in to be changed soon
  23. Does it cut out when you start to drive? Installation looks fine, except for there looks like another dimple a few degrees to the left of the top mark which may be BTDC rather than TDC mark?
  24. I don't imagine it will as it was a software upgrade which affected performance but not Adblu delivery to the engine
  25. I use iCarSoft for this purpose so yes, it will do that and more
  26. Sounds like it needs the codes clearing and calibrating the steering control unit
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