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  2. Hi - looking for one chrome hubcap (good condition) for my 1972 Westfalia Continental - anyone got a spare one please.
  3. I have a bottle in the boot of my sharan, in one the little side panels got no idea what it’s for. Can someone please help me and tell me what I put in it
  4. Hey just wanted to say Hi, I've just bought a passat b5.5 estate highline with a few little bits and bobs extr..
  5. Last week
  6. Yes,there are some aftermarket audio head units that can replace the standard one but you'll need a fitting kit with a fascia plate and wiring adapters as well Try iceboxautos for aftermarket plug and play units
  7. Hi You are correct that the headlights need to deflect to the other side of the road However, you do not state the age of your Passat but if it is new enough to have HID or adaptive headlamps then these do not need adjusting as the beam does not kick up to the kerbside Otherwise, if you are in doubt then line the front of the car up against a wall at night and see if there is a kick-up in the beam to the nearside and if so you could put black insulation tape on the headlights by covering the kick-up and look at the results as you do it to get an idea of correct position I go to France every year for the Le Mans 24 Hours race week and the French police are really hot on British cars so they can increase their revenue for a week. Generally, we don't tend to drive at night and so it's not so important about the correct positioning of the black tape. However, it fools the police that you have black tape on the headlights (due diligence and all that) but they would have no way of measuring and accurately aligning the lights at the roadside 🙂 Enjoy your road trip
  8. Could be the turbo variable vanes sticking with carbon if the car is only used locally? Turbo cleaning products are available and can easily solve the issue
  9. Thanks for the detailed write up Tony and also great to hear you have fixed the issue successfully! Not sure about the MPG, maybe it will improve over time once the engine settles down after the issue ?
  10. Earlier
  11. Other wise quickest cheapest fix is use a spray EGR/TURBO cleaner into the air intake followed by a can of EGR/TURBO cleaner into the tank, but first crawl under the car and check the actuator arm to the Turbo is not stuck, if it aint stuck, then clean then clean or replace the MAF sensor, (quick and cheap) followed by the vacuum control box behind the battery, I did all three and it was cheap under to run cleaner throught the system followed by changing the MAF (£20 for a cheap one) and £30 for a second hand vacuum control box Plus £15 and £26 for a spray cleaner and a can of JLM into the tank. Other thing to check is of course the vacuum hoses, if its got holes in it no vacuum, no vaccum no control over either the Turbo or the EGR valve.
  12. Hello All, I am in search of a Rear left passenger door in Silver LR7L for my VW Golf Plus 2009 (59). It has been damaged and I am having difficulty locating the correct door colour, which is the Silver 'Rose' (LR7L). Attached is a picture of the damaged door. Thanks in advance for your help!
  13. Probably cheaper to go for a complete set of lowered springs (of a reputable make) from eBay
  14. oh that does sound like a brake grabbing....seized caliper or pads stuck in carrier
  15. It sounds like the Airbag light is a coincidence and not related to the lighting fault you have Check the bulb is not defective (even if new) and then look at any earth points in and around the area of the headlight assembly Check also it is the correct type of bulb as well
  16. I have the registration number VW14JAN on a retention certificate. Message me or email barry-wilkinson@sky.com £750.00 Ono
  17. My turbo blew two days ago and the engine seized. I found a replacement engine. My engine is a BXE. The numbers after the BXE are different to the numbers on my engine number sticker. The engine is out of a 57 plate touran and my car is a 08. Will the other engine fit my car as they are both 105bhp engines. Asking as do not know what the other numbers are after the BXE. Chris
  18. Once it is topped up then the light should extinguish If not then take to a specialist for them to reset the system
  19. I would advise take it to the dealer and see if there is a recall as some pano roofs can shatter if there is too much movement as you are describing.
  20. I have 2 x Delphi diesel injectors to fit VW Group 1.6D engines 2017 onwards. Delphi Part No 28565336 equivalent to VW no. 04L 130 277.BD Purchased new on advice of garage but failed to fix my problem. Installed fo 15 minutes. Open to offers.
  21. I rate Falken as a mid-range tyre and have never had any issues with them in the past on most cars
  22. Thanks. I am keeping it at the top of the lower indent for now. It was serviced by VW last year, so was thinking of asking them. But I fear they will say bring it in then charge for the experience.
  23. Are any of the sensors on the windscreen covered in mud, etc? If so this could be giving a false reading of an object in the path of the car
  24. Oh dear an expensive time then. DMF and clutch would make quite a noise when switching the engine on and off but not normally when running which is strange. I did think it may be injector related which also could contribute to undue wear and tear in the DMF. Fuel filter and flush could work but don't leave the injector like that for long as damage to the engine could result in a larger bill than replacing the one injector. Also check the oil is not diluted with diesel washing down into the oil and change if necessary along with the filter
  25. That's great news and thanks for sharing with the forum.....ideal solution and cheaper than the dealership
  26. Curious about your username.....what bike do you have?
  27. Worth checking the crankshaft sensor as no signal from that then no signal to the injectors
  28. You could also get a custom exhaust made in stainless steel and cheaper than you think Also saves a lot of weight over the original system and can tune the exhaust sound/tone to your preferences
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