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  2. Hi Guy's & Girls'. I'm looking to extend my spoiler boot lip with a carbon fibre spoiler extension, and wondered if anyone might have any ideas where the best places are to purchase products like this from?
  3. Thanks for reply, have spoken to a remaping guy who informes me as long as I don't play with the ECU it will be OK.
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  5. Hi all after a bit of help. I've just finished rebuilding the top end of my vw polo 1.2 2008 3 cylinder engine. New valves, guide, seal's and Skimmed, new timing kit including hydraulic tensioner. Any way just found this small pin underneath the car. Does anyone recognise it and knows where its from. Not wanting to risk starting the car and wrecking it. Any help would be much appreciated
  6. Can anyone tell me if is as simple as swapping the rear lights on a 2012 touareg with a 2016 led facelift version, are there any mods to do please ?
  7. Hi....welcome to the Forum Usually there is a combination of red and yellow wires which can be swapped around to retain the memory in the head unit. This should not necessarily discharge the battery as the current drawer is minimal. I would look at other sources for the current drain
  8. Hello. I have a sharan year 2013. I upgraded the towbar and 13 pin electricity. I'm wondering how I should connect it so that my car electronics would detect my trailer and consequently turn off my sensors. Thank you and best regards.
  9. There would also be restrictions such as wheelarches on the floor area to negotiate with larger items on the Touran Maybe worth looking at the van option if you need larger area for cargo
  10. The only space i can see that appears to have two contacts for the fuse to connect with is to the left of the 15 amp fuse at the bottom of the photo
  11. Hi....welcome to the forum This task is relatively simple as access is not too bad. However, when you do remove it there will be oil spillage from disconnecting the oil lines to the Vacuum Exhauster (for the PAS). Otherwise, quite a simple job to disconnect and reconnect everything afterwards
  12. Hello, do annyone have wiering diagram for orginal xenonlights for a sharan 2004 ( galaxy 2004 )
  13. Thank you for your reply. That makes sense to me. It was on a flat surface. Thanks again. J
  14. Hi....welcome to the Forum It shouldn't be an issue as long as it clears the arches when a load is applied. May look rather good as well 🙂
  15. Plenty to choose from here but not sure that the quality is there https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313&_nkw=led+h7+error+free+bulbs&_sacat=0
  16. Hi Andy....welcome to the forum I personally would delete the EGR if it is not driven on long hard runs to keep things clear within the engine, exhaust and intake. If driven on runs then its not an issue. Also helps to use decent fuel quality as this helps reduce the carbon blocking components within the engine
  17. Does anyone know please if there is an accessible input on the infotainment unit that would accept an after market reversing camera. Any help and advice would be appreciated, thanks.
  18. I'm trying to open and close my windows on my mk6 tdi match 60 plate with the fob but it's not happening anybody know anything I can do thanks .
  19. Hi help or advice needed please . I have a issue regarding the timing pulleys on golf mk7 2013 1.2 tsi it is the belt version. Neither of which seem to have any timing notches ive inspected them on numerous occasions and was wondering if the timing kit that is required automatically times both the pulleys once fitted. Any help would be gratefully recieved regards
  20. Hello ladies and gents. Long story short I'm thinking about buying a diesel VAG and have 3 options within my budget Golf 6 (1.6, 2.0) A3 8P (1.6, 1.9, 2.0) Leon 3 (1.6, 2.0) I'm wondering which engine is a better choice and which engine revision(year) is better. I also wonder what things should I look out for regarding mileage and what should I expect in terms of servicing in future, considering I change oil every 5-7k miles and flush radiators every 2 years. I'm trying to be realistic so any advice would be really helpful. Thank you in advance
  21. Hi i have a 1.6 bluemotion (5 door) but want to protect the fabric seats, what are the best covers for front and back? Thanks Sam
  22. Hi I'm new here, I have an issue with my MK4 golf brakes, it seems there is a leak somewhere, this shows on the front o/s wheel ,it's not the calipers.i have since removed the master cylinder, there was no visible leak.What i noticed is that when topping up the fluid, it immediately goes down to below minimum no idea whhere it drains to. I would appreciate if I can get help please
  23. Hi I have a polo 2006 which has decided to deadlock the passenger door. Managed to change the actuator but the same has happened again door deadlocked shut. Any other ideas what the issue could be. Tia
  24. I own a 2015 Golf Avant with a Discover Pro infotainment system. I successfully updated the VW satnav map sd card using the VW supplied DiscoverCare app 1.0.4 earlier in 2020. Now I am trying to do another update but when I start the exe file on my Windows 10 desktop, I get a message about needing to update the app. I click to go ahead but I just get to a page on the VW website with no further information and the app closes. Is there any way I can find a version update to DiscoverCare or get it to work in some way?
  25. Hi no I haven’t I only have access to Mac I have asked a pal to try it on his pc so hopefully it gets the issue sorted thanks for you reply
  26. Hi all passat 2.0 very bad spent diesel smell coming threw the heater vents and its virtually undrivable it gets a bit better if you recycle the air in the car any ideas please
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