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  2. golf6 rain sensor deactivate

    Anyone know if its possible to use Vagcom to deactivate the annoying rain sensor for the wipers & make it work as normal?
  3. mk 5 golf 1.6 fsi 2004 HELP!!!

    hi everyone looking for some help from you ,, I have recently just bought a mk 5 golf 1.6 fsi 2004. the car has been very well maintained and ran perfect until yesterday it all started soon after buying the car the radio was not working the only fault on the car when I got it. so as soon as I got it home I removed it to find the fuse had blown replaced and all seemed fine then yesterday I was out with the polish and started the car to turn it around and boom all sorts of lights no power steering lights where eml abs power steering and a few others so turned it off and started to scrach my head. went to start the car again and no it did not want to just clicking so I got rac out who said it was alternator and wanted me to take it to a garage at a cost of £300 to replace I told him where to go and went to my local vw breakers got a used one replaced it and jumped started it and it drained the battery quicker than my sink so rac out again (I have battery cover) and again he said alternator he put a brand new battery on and it was only reading 12.1 volts running he said it should be about 14 so alternator back of returned and exchanged refitted plus a new battery car started straight away but after about 25/30 minutes its dead again ... while it was running i noticed that if i turded somthing on ie heaters the radio went off then it died again now battery is flat and i am at my end anyone please help me out
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  5. Petrol Sharan?

    Any idea why they don't make the SEL in the Petrol version? I had a SEL before and liked it
  6. Passat cc reverse camera stuck open

    HI....welcome to the Forum I'm not sure on this one, would probably contact your VW dealer and see if there is a revised version that resolves this issue. Seems to be an issue with this camera across the range so surely they must have revised it over time
  7. CFFB turbo actuator

    Hi Glynn....welcome to the Forum What are the symptoms your car is displaying which leads you to the above conclusion?
  8. New member

    Cheers mate 👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
  9. mk6 golf exhaust?

    Hi, thanks for reply but it seems this part is only available from VW dealers! ( hence reason I wondered if the MK5 silencer would fit with minor mods)
  10. Mk5 r32

    Hi Rob Common problem this one, but can't seem to find any definitive answer but suggested faults lie in the Haldex controller or even the oil level being low in the unit....worth checking out everything related to the electrical connections to and from the unit. Let us know what you find
  11. Auxiliary port location

    Thank you very much.
  12. Polo radio code

    Hi You should be able to obtain the code from a local VW dealer.....may have to go in for them to look it up and take the registration documents with you but otherwise they usually do this for free
  13. Polo spluttering on pull off

    I would check for a vacuum leak as this could cause the symptoms you describe. Listen for any hissing under the bonnet
  14. Front coil spring

    Hi Andy Have a look at these springs on Euro Car Parts they all say with or without sports suspension (Sportline) so I would say that this is the only limiting factor to choosing a replacement unless you go for lowered springs. Let us know how you get on with it Cheers, Trevor
  15. Hi all - advice / suggestions needed

    Hi ....welcome to the Forum The only simple solution I can think of is Airbag suspension as a bolt on which would raise the vehicle and maintain the ride height Beyond that, sorry cannot think of any other way
  16. Passat 2012 est

    Thanks for the reply , ive manage to get a second hand one and it works fine, just need to clear air bag light, thanks for all your help
  17. Looking to purchase a VW T4

    Cathy Feel free to post up some pics of the T4 and let us know how you get on with converting it to a camper
  18. High clutch bite point

    Hi Depends on the year and model of VW as some would have a self adjusting method for actuating the could be that which has altered over a period of time. Just watch the pedal doesn't drop to the floor which is also a common fault on some models
  19. Vw Passat 2012 automatic gearbox software update

    Hi Niall....welcome to the forum It suggests that there is an issue with the engine and its gone into Limp Home mode. I would scan any fault codes after clearing the memory to see if it is current or just a glitch. Let us know how it goes
  20. Hello, Am new to the forum. Today my Passat 2012 2.0diesel automatic displayed the ignition coil symbol and lost power. Car does not go over 40mph now and feels like the clutch is slipping. My mechanic ran the computer on the car and picked up fault code p1741. He told me I need be to update my gearbox software. Can anyone shine some light on this, as I am very worried at this stage and lost for what to do. Is this costly and who should I contact. Many thanks niall.
  21. Hello!

    Hi Harry....welcome to the Forum Good to have you onboard Post up a pic of the Polo when you get it
  22. A/C vs climatronic question

    Hi...welcome to the Forum Simple answer.....I'm not sure! What are the benefits of replacing the system?
  23. Lupo problem

    Seized linkage joints? Worn engine mounts? Play in linkages? Clutch worn or damaged? So many possible causes, I would drop it in a garage to have it checked out before you can't select gears anymore.
  24. Evening all ✋🤙🏼🤙🏼

    Hi Brent.....welcome to the Forum definitely a VW man then ! Good to have you onboard
  25. Vr6 issues

    Hi....welcome to the Forum The fact that it is 'on song' at higher revs suggests that it is something like a vacuum/air leak in the in the inlet manifold or associated trunking which is causing the lumpy running. A quick emissions test (Oxygen levels) which if higher than zero suggests thats the fault. Let us know how you get on with it Cheers, Trevor
  26. Spares

    Hi Dave If you list them in the appropriate section (e.g. Golf, Polo,etc) that would be the best bet Cheers
  27. Rear window glass

    Hi Edward....welcome to the Forum I would be surprised if you couldn't obtain a replacement glass through an automotive glasiers (windscreen company local to you). Maybe special order and could take some time to come through but not impossible to source Let us know what you find
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