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  3. I believe there are specialist audio companies that would install the software but if not then £250 is a bit steep but you would know the install is reliable and up to date
  4. Hi James.....welcome to the Club Good to have you onboard
  5. Can you get a photo of what is there for you to undo (head of bolt, etc)
  6. Sorry, not sure but worth speaking to your local dealer to see what part numbers are available
  7. I would probably stick to the stock turbo if electronically controlled variable vanes and wastegate. If you change turbos then it should be possible to remap it I would imagine
  8. I would think that would be more reasonable
  9. Hi Charlie.....welcome to the Forum Sometimes you can have the best fun in a small car....just look at the Toyota GR Yaris or Abarth 500, pocket rockets to say the least Good to have you onboard
  10. Hey everyone ,iv been searching for weeks for a mk 4 oettinger grill for my golf to finish it off.if any of yous know anyone or anywhere I can get one willing to pay you for locating one.would mean so much thanks Jonny l ,Northern Ireland
  11. how do you deactivate the alarm systems in a 59plate VW Passat
  12. Looks like a cylinder head location dowel to ensure the head doesn't shimy sideways but probably get away with it if you have the other one in place and bolts torqued down nicely
  13. Does anyone know how to replace near side handbrake cable guide on vw touran 05 1.9
  14. I’ve just taken delivery of a 16 plate GTD on 19’ Santiagos. For me the car sits a little too high so a subtle lower is needed. How low should I go and what’s the best kit to use, I don’t want to slam it, just improve the stance.
  15. Hi....welcome to the Forum It sounds very much like the heater matrix may be leaking slightly and causing antifreeze vapour to enter the cabin area. If there is a small pool of liquid on the floor in either footwell and the windscreen is misting up inside then the matrix is leaking
  16. Did they make a cool box for the touran
  17. Hi, does anyone have any experience of a 2007 Touran quietly cutting out while driving? It's just been serviced and has plenty of diesel in the tank, but it just cuts out and drifts to a standstill. Once stationery, it will start again without a problem, but the fault reoccurs when driving again. The AA thought it might be a faulty cam shaft sensor, but the garage said the code for that isn't coming up as a fault. It's been a brilliant car for years and this is pretty much the first time I've had problems with it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated before I'm charged more enormous labour
  18. Hi all ...... just a quick shout out to see if anyone out there is interested in buying my mk4 golf 1.9 gttdi estate. These golfs are quite rare and hard to come by these days. It is the bulletproof 130 PD engine version with substantial extra,s & extensive service history. It wants for nothing and am only selling due to new car purchase. If I could run 2 cars I would keep it but alas I cannot 😟 . If anyone wants more info or to discuss anything about it then contact me on 📞...07921 130889 and ask for steve. This is a genuine enquiry so please guys no timewasters. Thanks all and stay safe
  19. So with all the mixed up weather we’ve been having I ran into a bit of trouble with my remote key. Came out of the house unlocked the car, took something out and locked it. 2 minutes later went back out and key remote stopped working!! Tried batteries etc but still won’t lock or unlock with the key... the key lights up when pressed but nothing happens. any ideas would be greatly appreciated
  20. Hi picture is only one part ive taken pictures from different angle
  21. Hi Guy's & Girls'. I'm looking to extend my spoiler boot lip with a carbon fibre spoiler extension, and wondered if anyone might have any ideas where the best places are to purchase products like this from?
  22. Thanks for reply, have spoken to a remaping guy who informes me as long as I don't play with the ECU it will be OK.
  23. Can anyone tell me if is as simple as swapping the rear lights on a 2012 touareg with a 2016 led facelift version, are there any mods to do please ?
  24. Hi....welcome to the Forum Usually there is a combination of red and yellow wires which can be swapped around to retain the memory in the head unit. This should not necessarily discharge the battery as the current drawer is minimal. I would look at other sources for the current drain
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