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  2. Hi everyone I'm gordon from Scotland UK and I just purchased a vw golf mk5 2.0 gt tdi 4motion 2006. I was just wondering were is the best place to get propsharft joinst and prop bearing and bottom front wish bones and if you no eny one who can rebuild turbo's as the baines are stuck with carbon build up thanks in advance
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  4. Sounds like VW only part and special order as well
  5. Does anyone know where I can get an retrofit Active Info Display installed in Kent?
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  7. Hi I'm just wondering are these mk5 golf gt tdi 4motion rear as got told there are not meny 4motion mk5s.
  8. Hi mate, have you tried roofbox.co.uk?
  9. This is quite a common issue and the replacement one should be better quality over the original one
  10. Hi....welcome to the forum It could be that some of the hoses are perished but wouldn't cost more than 100 maximum I would say as it is emission based faults then it would probably just benefit from running some additives in the fuel and give it a thrash up and down a motorway until it runs clear. The light can then be switched off by clearing the fault codes and at very little cost without expensive replacement of components.
  11. I have only ever replaced the complete assembly (guides, rollers and cables all in one and just bolt into place. I have also previously replaced just cables on a Freelander and this was not too successful in the long run
  12. They are usually quite easy to change if you can gain access to it
  13. I just bought my First Scirocco today and I thought I’d join the owners club. I have a 2016 148bhp R-Line tech. A couple from initial questions, where can I find cruise control and how much does voice activation cost? When I press β€œvoice” I get a messsage to contact my dealer
  14. After 2 long years.. MOT passed after A spring and little patch welding on exhaust. NOT the front struts like KWIK FIT failed it on. Granted new starter was needed as failed to start on day of MOT. Frustrating as had been starting. Still a bloody good result
  15. any recommendations please? Main dealer pricing is turning out to be ridiculous...
  16. Hi, thanks for your advice! Will try a reboot and go from there. If that doesn't work I will need to find someone with a VCDS.
  17. Hi....welcome to the Forum What a superb VeeDub and have to say I love this model especially in this colour. Enjoy it and good to have you onboard
  18. I'm about to take delivery of my new mk8 Golf and can't find any reference to a fitment kit for my Thule roof bars. Does anyone know if they are the same as the mk7 ?
  19. Hi ..... welcome to the Forum She would have to have an alternative light source for full beam (e.g. a seperate bulb/lamp unit and then alter the wiring) otherwise it would be an idea to refit the originals so it complies with road use regulations and MOT.
  20. Hi.....welcome to the Forum I would say it is weak suspension components (springs and dampers) The springs absorb the shock from road surfaces and the dampers absorb the oscillations from the springs so it doesn't bounce constantly. The tyres also are a shock absorber so if these are low on air they can also give a bouncy ride. If the tyres are cheap (Chinese manufacture) then change these immediately as they are probably causing this issue. Let us know what you find to be the issue
  21. Hi.....welcome to the Forum Let us know how you find the Touran when you get it and feel free to post in the forum to boost it up πŸ™‚
  22. You should be able to sync it by locking and unlocking several times, you may need the ignition on for this procedure
  23. Hi....welcome to the Forum It looks superb in the photo....nice edition to own! There will no doubt be numerous Golf issues which will need resolving but luckily these are usually easy and cheap to sort. I would go through it when you get it and address each issue individually and see what crops up. Let us know how you get on with it
  24. Hi....welcome to the Forum submerged CCMs on Passats, forgot all about that issue, have done some of those in the past πŸ™‚ I would recommend that the cambelt has been changed in accordance with manufacturers guidelines as they tend to have issues with bolts breaking, etc. Otherwise, they're not a bad vehicle to own. Definitely not DSG though unless its been recently rebuilt
  25. I have just bought a Vw Touran 2008 . Do all the seats fold completelt flat on this model ? Or do just the last row ,and the the second row just fold flatter but not completly flat ?. Does the front passenger seat fold flat or forward ? I would appreciate any help regarding this thanks Peter
  26. If it is a 3 pin sensor then it is a digital sensor (active) and requires voltage to function If it has 2 pins then it is inductive (passive sensor) which does not need a voltage to function The engine requires moving components to wave past the sensor to create a signal and if the moving component is not to par then it won't work
  27. Thanks for the suggestion. As it happens, turned out to be a tiny crack in the flexible sealant on corner of tailgate end roof panel. Only just noticeable by small rust spot.
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