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  2. Quite a decent result Tony and at little cost as well. Know what you mean about the fun fair and other attractions, I regularly attend Le Mans 24 Hours and this can be horrendous if you pitch your tent in the wrong place 🙂
  3. I use a whopping great 40litre Halfords 12/230v box or a little 4 can woolworth's job
  4. Or ask down your local scrappy take many measurements and photos with you, you might get lucky
  5. Son in Law (now ex thank god) drove a Rover 45 diesel through deep water I manged to get him running but following him home I could smell unburnt diesel, stripped the head and whoopy doo the Number one cylinder was 3 mm shy of TDC, removing the Conrod I found it twisted and bent around 3 planes front sideways and twisted, bought a second hand piston and conrod, used the original piston and it was fixed, Rover 45s suck air via the N/S wheel arch and low down, dipstick tried to rush through the flooded section of road too quick, Daughters 206 did something similar but didnt wreck the engine just
  6. PS I only fit approved Towbars, Anker are the cheapest for flange type and for removable swan fitting there is a good Italian make which also sells spares, forgotten the name I will dig out some paper work. Anker also very nicely provided information (all bars are specific to the car they fit) on how to remove the Rear Bumper on the Touran, information sadly missing on the scandal that is modern Hayne manuals, I know I had to remove the bumper what I needed to know was HOW! In the Tourans case you remove the steel crash bar from under the bumper and the Main Towbar frame fits in its
  7. European Finals much diminished as Europe lost a lot of events, if I hadnt had DPF on the brain I might have thought of giving the tank a good thump, ironically Eric O of South Main Auto on a you tube posting last night had a Ford F350 with the same problem, he also showed a good way to diagnose a failing pump by forming a fused loop from the fuse box and a current clamp which showed the drop in current draw as the commuter spun over i the pump he used a scope to show the current draw which dropped to zero every time it hit the dud commuter, this is do-able at home, the Brackley garage that f
  8. I would firstly check the battery terminals are tight and then if you can get it started then give it a good hard run to clear the DPF
  9. If you are smelling rubber under the bonnet then it could either be the auxiliary drivebelt and possibly tensioner that has failed. alternatively, it could also be the cambelt starting to fail, tensioner could be failing and leading to the belt moving over and contacting the timing belt cover. Either way, it would definitely need to go to a garage for further invesitigation
  10. I would check the fusebox to see if there is any water ingress into it and causing an intermittent electrical issue
  11. You may be able to reassemble the components if you remove the vent panel
  12. Could look at engine mounts if you're in the engine bay?
  13. Either of these brands are good but if I have the choice between them I would probably go with LUK as fitted many of them over the years and never had any issues
  14. Yesterday
  15. This is it mine its unmarked unbranded I would have taken a pic but my webcam is playing silly buggers
  16. Dunno how close BRACKLEY (A43) is but Johns Garage did a bang on job sorting my Fuel Pump £40 an hour labour its £60-80 down here in Southampton
  17. I wanted to put motorbike in back but Touran only 34" floor to ceiling and I needed 54" minimum
  18. Did it stall while coasting? or lose power, check the fuel filter if it does it again if its empty......fuel pump! If it does it again reach under and give the tank a thump, do this with ignition on and see if you hear the pump running..........Hand brake on hard of course
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  20. If it is a common fault with this particular phone then there may be a patch on the internet to download to your phone to solve this issue.
  21. The central locking on my Sharan 04 plate has stopped working. The drivers door is stuck in the locked position while all other doors will not lock with the fob. Meanwhile the mechanism sounds like its whirring and the hazard lights flash continually. I am having to disconnect the battery so it doesn't drain, and also so that the car is disabled considering I cannot lock it securely. Any ideas as to the root if this problem please?
  22. Ah ok, would that be to both motors or is there only one motor that does both?
  23. Hi....welcome to the Club I suppose it is down to personal preferences.....styling, performance, stance...there's plenty of mods you can do, just depends on financial budgets Good to have you onboard!
  24. Hi....welcome to the Club Feel free to set up a meet in your local area and we can help to promote it to the members. Good to have you onboard
  25. The time has come to face the prospect of saying goodbye to what has overall been the best car I have ever owned. With only one very careful previous owner (2 years) it served me for many years until it was retired from service just two years ago, with the intention being to make it a restoration project. I now have to admit that this is not going to happen. I would prefer to find someone who will restore and cherish it but recognise that it may instead need to be an amazing donor car. It has much going for it being mostly corrosion free but does require work to restore. Pretty much
  26. Dear all, Say hi to all Touran owners here first 👋 Hope I can get some advice on rear parking camera upgrade. My Touran comes with only Bluetooth infotainment system. No car play, no satellite navigation... etc. I hope to add a parking camera for my wife. May I have some recommendation on it? What should I check to confirm if parking camera is compatible with my Touran? Thank you for your attention. ☺
  27. Thanks for the feedback and glad you have resolved it (for now) but definitely worth keeping an eye on how it is wearing
  28. It may well be the crankshaft position sensor or even the system relay but if there is power to the fuel pump it should prime the fuel injectors. I would be checking the spark output and another thing to check is the cambelt hasn't slipped
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