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  2. Does anyone know if it possible to have a third isofix fitted to the middle 2nd row seat in earlier touran's? Thanks
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  4. Not sure which pins you want to bridge but may be worth a try. Alternatively it may be worth fixing the fault if the car is worth spending on it?
  5. It may be worth spending the money (if fairly reasonable) to rectify the issue but it may just be a matter of time before the problem comes back if the engine doesn't get a proper run
  6. I have twisted the lead going to the connection so that when it is on the coil the terminals are biased to the side slightly which I find makes a better connection
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  8. I’m looking to potentially upgrade the head unit in my sharan - I’m picking mine up over the weekend 2016 reg but noticed the head unit does have apple play for mirroring the navigation app and music. looking for recommendations for replacements. cheers.
  9. Thank you for getting back with your suggestion to the query raised, it sounds like a very good option to me and which I will pass on to my daughter. Thank you again. Daniel
  10. Hi MIke I do wonder if the fault started after the screen was fitted then quite possibly it needs calibrating to work correctly
  11. VW may have a harness listed for aftermarket adaptions, but sometimes the wires are not used and some you need to swap around (red and blue I believe to retain the memory)
  12. It could be a bad earth connection or lead, faulty alternator, loose belt, terminal corrosion on the battery terminals, poor quality battery (maybe pay extra for Premium one with more power), more use on the road during the daytime (without lights, etc).....in fact many other issues which would need further diagnosis
  13. Try looking under the carpet on the passenger footwell side, there is usually a control unit in there which fills with water and causes issues like this
  14. I need the circuit covered by eac fuse. Can any body give a picture as the box cover and had book give no detail. Thank you.
  15. I would go to another garage and seek their advice as to the problem and any potential issues
  16. That is not unreasonable by todays standards for replacing the clutch assembly and flywheel especially at a dealership. Would have been cheaper at an independent garage. If the flywheel has had a lot of high temperature going through it from riding the clutch then it can show as blue in colour which means it is damaged by the heat. It would need replacing then along with anything else that may be damaged.
  17. On the older Passat the ambient air temperature sensor would be mounted behind the front bumper area to measure the air when driving Not sure on later models.....but I would still look for any wiring going to your front bumper area Usually, simply disconnect, remove sensor and reconnect on a new one
  18. Usually with RDS on AM and FM radio stations would tune in automatically as you drove through a local area and the signal was stronger. With DAB radio it is possible to connect to many more stations and geographically it is not an issue. However with DAB you do sometimes need an external aerial to pickup the DAB stations. On a 2020 car I would imagine this should already be built into the car?
  19. Hi, It could be wheel bearing, brake pads slightly contacting wear lip or corrosion on brake discs, transmission......in fact quite a few things really. It would be advisable to get this checked by a local garage as a matter of urgency as it may be something safety related or expensive if something lets go Let us know how you get on with it all
  20. try this link https://www.thewheelshop.co.uk/?product_cat=volkswagen-t-roc&filter_vehicle-year=2017-present-day
  21. Hi all need help got a 20 plate vw passat any one know how to get more radio stations other than just local stations wanting lbc radio but because it will only pick up local sstationsits doing my head in
  22. Would suggest the battery may be flat and need replacing? Test the battery voltage and if below 12 -12.5 volts then replace If the battery is sound then check the key fob locks and unlocks the car then try again as maybe immobiliser wasn't recognising the key
  23. How did you get on with finding the fault with this issue?
  24. Is anyone interested in buying a 1992 Vw polo Fox. I have had it over 16 years and it has been a great car, reliable, always starts first time, even now. It has just failed it’s mot. Had a lot of new parts fitted, new fuel tank, new exhaust, service. Sadly, it will not go through the emission test. I have spoken to various mechanics and they suggest the best thing is an engine change. This proves too expensive for me, so I was wondering if there is anyone out there with the know how ,who would like my car. It is too good to scrap, only has a minor mark on bonnet. No rust. Has been loved and looked after.
  25. Can you buy just the glass cover for the indicator on the wing passenger side wing mirror? Passat estate 2014 bluemotion .
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