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  1. Hi 125 kg is not a lot of weight to overload the suspension as long as its not in there for a long time and over rough roads then it should be fine. Its probably your imagination that it is lower but worth checking if the car settles after a while and if leaning to one side when empty I would have the springs checked but unlikely that would happen.
  2. Hi Keith.....welcome to the Forum Here are some on eBay Just compare the one you have on the engine to those in the photos but ensure that the colour is the same as there used to be two different types and identified by their individual colour (Negative and Postive temperature cooefficient types)
  3. Hi....welcome to the Forum Servicing a 1.2 Polo should be easy enough if you follow some guidance (YouTube is a semi-reliable source of information) and some tasks are very simple. Basic hand tools (spanners, sockets, etc) and some garage equipment (trolley jack, axle stands, oil drain tray) are always handy to have around and invaluable in working on cars. Other tools such as oil filter wrench, torque wrench, hydrometer to check coolant strength, etc are also handy to have in your toolbox. Most items are available in Halfords at reasonable cost and quite good quality as well. Let us know how you get on with it all
  4. I would say that it needs a good blast to clear it through especially if it was only driven locally.
  5. Hi.....welcome to the Forum We don't arrange any club meets as such but feel free if you want to organise a local meeting on here Good to have you onboard and just jump into any posts you feel you can contribute to.
  6. Hi....welcome to the Forum First thoughts are if its lumpy on idle then I would check the glowplugs are all operating okay. After that I would look at any turbo boost hoses for leaks (usually hear them) and if so replace them After that I would check and replace the engine oil if the condition is less than par and also the air filter.
  7. Hi....welcome to the Forum Good to have you onboard
  8. Hi....welcome to the Forum I cannot remember from memory whether this is the case but generally the signal generated by the ABS would be completely different to the earth switching from the pad wear sensor. I don't believe they would share the same wires so it would only probably share an outer sheath containing both wires
  9. So when you are finally released from lockdown and able to drive your car....what music will you play in the car?
  10. Hi....welcome to the forum There's nothing wrong with a convertible beetle, an iconic car restyled and improved over the years, whats not to love about them 🙂 What year is the Beetle? Could be a relay issue but without knowing more about the car its difficult to truly diagnose
  11. Glad you got there in the end, I must admit that I may have resorted to a hammer a lot sooner 🙂
  12. Hi...welcome to the Forum Sounds a bit odd to be a gearbox fault if the issue is with the clutch. Although it depends on what year the car is? If it is a late car with DSG transmission then it could well be a gearbox fault
  13. Okay, can see that now, definitely twist anticlockwise and pull back but may be stiff and bit of force required Let us know how it all goes and what you find to be the lighting fault