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  1. It would be interesting to compare the weight between the two batteries. Cheaper ones are always lighter (less lead inside) and are not worth the money.
  2. Hi....welcome to the Forum submerged CCMs on Passats, forgot all about that issue, have done some of those in the past 🙂 I would recommend that the cambelt has been changed in accordance with manufacturers guidelines as they tend to have issues with bolts breaking, etc. Otherwise, they're not a bad vehicle to own. Definitely not DSG though unless its been recently rebuilt
  3. Hi...welcome to the Forum It may be a case of working through the electrical system starting from the battery and go from there. Ensure the terminals are tight, is the battery actually have 12 volts in it, look at the main power supply fuse (should be something with at least 60amp fuse), are the earth leads in good order, etc. Seized starter motor, main relay? many areas it could possibly be but you may need to call in a mobile mechanic/auto electrician to check it out. Let us know what you find
  4. If it is a 3 pin sensor then it is a digital sensor (active) and requires voltage to function If it has 2 pins then it is inductive (passive sensor) which does not need a voltage to function The engine requires moving components to wave past the sensor to create a signal and if the moving component is not to par then it won't work
  5. Hi It is probably an inductive sensor and won't put out any signal until it is in the cambelt intact or is it broken? If the cam is not turning then there won't be a signal
  6. Hi....welcome to the Forum It may not have been removed as it was around this period that they introduced DPFs to diesel vehicles. The best way to determine this is to see if the vehicle is Euro3, 4, or 5, etc. Check out the spec on this link. Look at the Euro Status and then do a search to see if it should have one fitted
  7. 2014 passat 2l diesel (b7).  What is typical cost of replacing the AC compressor unit


  8. Hi....welcome to the Forum Usually the ride height is dictated by the coil spring size itself. The coil over adjustment will tighten or loosen the coil spring tension therefore affecting the handling performance and ride comfort but not really affect the ride height considerably but may alter it marginally. Just try adjusting it for the settings you prefer for daily driving and also handy to adjust if you were taking it on a track for example.
  9. Hi.....welcome to the Forum It sounds like something is powering down as it is not using that device for a period, worth checking power saving settings on your phone and then check vehicle settings after that
  10. Hi The fact that an ABS light is showing suggests that the system is struggling to calculate a true road speed therefore it has gone to a limp home (default running) setting. You would need to resolve the ABS issue - probably a wheel sensor fault which is cheap and easy to fix
  11. Hi ...... welcome to the Forum I would take it to an independent garage that has a smoke tester which fills the void and will come out of the affected area which is allowing water to enter. Let us know how you get on with it
  12. Worth replacing the fuse as it may be fractured and occassionally make and break the circuit
  13. Hi 125 kg is not a lot of weight to overload the suspension as long as its not in there for a long time and over rough roads then it should be fine. Its probably your imagination that it is lower but worth checking if the car settles after a while and if leaning to one side when empty I would have the springs checked but unlikely that would happen.
  14. Hi Keith.....welcome to the Forum Here are some on eBay Just compare the one you have on the engine to those in the photos but ensure that the colour is the same as there used to be two different types and identified by their individual colour (Negative and Postive temperature cooefficient types)
  15. Hi....welcome to the Forum Servicing a 1.2 Polo should be easy enough if you follow some guidance (YouTube is a semi-reliable source of information) and some tasks are very simple. Basic hand tools (spanners, sockets, etc) and some garage equipment (trolley jack, axle stands, oil drain tray) are always handy to have around and invaluable in working on cars. Other tools such as oil filter wrench, torque wrench, hydrometer to check coolant strength, etc are also handy to have in your toolbox. Most items are available in Halfords at reasonable cost and quite good quality as well. Let us know how you get on with it all