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  1. Not sure which pins you want to bridge but may be worth a try. Alternatively it may be worth fixing the fault if the car is worth spending on it?
  2. It may be worth spending the money (if fairly reasonable) to rectify the issue but it may just be a matter of time before the problem comes back if the engine doesn't get a proper run
  3. I have twisted the lead going to the connection so that when it is on the coil the terminals are biased to the side slightly which I find makes a better connection
  4. Hi MIke I do wonder if the fault started after the screen was fitted then quite possibly it needs calibrating to work correctly
  5. VW may have a harness listed for aftermarket adaptions, but sometimes the wires are not used and some you need to swap around (red and blue I believe to retain the memory)
  6. I suppose if we go on the assumption that it is the EGR then it is probably not getting driven hard enough to keep the valve clear of carbon. The only viable and cheapest option around this is to fit a blanking plug as all new EGRs will probably block up the same way
  7. It could be a bad earth connection or lead, faulty alternator, loose belt, terminal corrosion on the battery terminals, poor quality battery (maybe pay extra for Premium one with more power), more use on the road during the daytime (without lights, etc).....in fact many other issues which would need further diagnosis
  8. Try looking under the carpet on the passenger footwell side, there is usually a control unit in there which fills with water and causes issues like this
  9. I would go to another garage and seek their advice as to the problem and any potential issues
  10. The springs and wheel bearing are par for the course as these can go hand in hand sometimes. The engine revs sounds more like DPF or EGR blocked and this needs the codes reading to see which it is before proceeding with rectifying it
  11. That is not unreasonable by todays standards for replacing the clutch assembly and flywheel especially at a dealership. Would have been cheaper at an independent garage. If the flywheel has had a lot of high temperature going through it from riding the clutch then it can show as blue in colour which means it is damaged by the heat. It would need replacing then along with anything else that may be damaged.
  12. On the older Passat the ambient air temperature sensor would be mounted behind the front bumper area to measure the air when driving Not sure on later models.....but I would still look for any wiring going to your front bumper area Usually, simply disconnect, remove sensor and reconnect on a new one
  13. Usually with RDS on AM and FM radio stations would tune in automatically as you drove through a local area and the signal was stronger. With DAB radio it is possible to connect to many more stations and geographically it is not an issue. However with DAB you do sometimes need an external aerial to pickup the DAB stations. On a 2020 car I would imagine this should already be built into the car?
  14. Hi, It could be wheel bearing, brake pads slightly contacting wear lip or corrosion on brake discs, transmission......in fact quite a few things really. It would be advisable to get this checked by a local garage as a matter of urgency as it may be something safety related or expensive if something lets go Let us know how you get on with it all
  15. Hi Mark....welcome to the Club To be fair, £320 is not a bad price for the spare wheel kit I have heard Honda charge at least double that for one for the Jazz
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