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  1. Should be in the boot area under the carpet https://www.touchuppaintking.co.uk/paint-codes/vw_paint_codes.html#:~:text=VW paint codes - Location&text=The most reliable location is,section of the boot area.
  2. I would be surprised if the injectors were affected by going through a deep puddle. More than likely is that the engine ingested water into the engine via the intake (can be seen by air filter being deformed by water ingestion) and this can lead to hydraulic lock in the cylinders which would result in lower compression on one or more cylinders. I would run a compression test on the engine cylinders to determine if there is any drop in pressure
  3. Not sure if that's an internal or external fault. Maybe worth starting at the fusebox and working your way back to look for corrosion or loose connections
  4. Hi Matt......welcome to the Forums You are obviously a big fan of the Touran then? Good to have you onboard
  5. It sounds like a strut top mount that is failing and is easy enough to replace if you drop the shock absorber/spring down
  6. Have you disturbed any vacuum lines when you serviced the vehicle?
  7. I believe there are specialist audio companies that would install the software but if not then £250 is a bit steep but you would know the install is reliable and up to date
  8. Hi James.....welcome to the Club Good to have you onboard
  9. Can you get a photo of what is there for you to undo (head of bolt, etc)
  10. Yes, usually if you unplug the MAF and it runs better it means it running on a default setting and the MAF is defective. Maybe it is a defective one and a new (quality) one will resolve the issue.
  11. It could be a combination of carbon build up in the turbo and EGR (and DPF if fitted) amongst other things. Maybe the engine would benefit from a Terraclean or similar to remove all the carbon and freshen up the performance.....not too expensive and plenty of companies offering a mobile service
  12. I would have thought the glovebox would be the same for both saloon and estate variants.
  13. Sorry, not sure but worth speaking to your local dealer to see what part numbers are available
  14. I would probably stick to the stock turbo if electronically controlled variable vanes and wastegate. If you change turbos then it should be possible to remap it I would imagine
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