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  1. I would think that would be more reasonable
  2. Hi Charlie.....welcome to the Forum Sometimes you can have the best fun in a small car....just look at the Toyota GR Yaris or Abarth 500, pocket rockets to say the least Good to have you onboard
  3. Looks like a cylinder head location dowel to ensure the head doesn't shimy sideways but probably get away with it if you have the other one in place and bolts torqued down nicely
  4. Only if you lower the profile to ensure the wheels are under the arches or huge negative camber
  5. Hi....welcome to the Forum It sounds very much like the heater matrix may be leaking slightly and causing antifreeze vapour to enter the cabin area. If there is a small pool of liquid on the floor in either footwell and the windscreen is misting up inside then the matrix is leaking
  6. If you connect the two parts together then it should form the shape of the part it fits to and then just go looking for it in the engine bay. It may be wise to look from underneath if possible to see if on the underside of the engine
  7. Can it be diagnosed and rectified through a scan tool I have many functions available on my iCarSoft scanner but imagine VCDS is far more advanced to rectify issues without having to power down the electrical system
  8. Hi....welcome to the Forum Usually there is a combination of red and yellow wires which can be swapped around to retain the memory in the head unit. This should not necessarily discharge the battery as the current drawer is minimal. I would look at other sources for the current drain
  9. There would also be restrictions such as wheelarches on the floor area to negotiate with larger items on the Touran Maybe worth looking at the van option if you need larger area for cargo
  10. The only space i can see that appears to have two contacts for the fuse to connect with is to the left of the 15 amp fuse at the bottom of the photo
  11. Hi....welcome to the forum This task is relatively simple as access is not too bad. However, when you do remove it there will be oil spillage from disconnecting the oil lines to the Vacuum Exhauster (for the PAS). Otherwise, quite a simple job to disconnect and reconnect everything afterwards
  12. Hi....welcome to the Forum It shouldn't be an issue as long as it clears the arches when a load is applied. May look rather good as well 🙂
  13. Hi....welcome to the Forum I would suggest that it is the larger of the two that is the level plug as it looks in line with where the level should be around halfway up the box. If oil is pouring out at the lower one then it can't be too far off (if you have it on a flat level surface).
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