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  1. Lupo problem

    Seized linkage joints? Worn engine mounts? Play in linkages? Clutch worn or damaged? So many possible causes, I would drop it in a garage to have it checked out before you can't select gears anymore.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm not officially a VW owner as yet as I'm awaiting delivery. I have order a new arteon,  I wondered if anyone else has one and anything to watch out for. Thanks in advance. Chris 

  3. Evening all ✋🤙🏼🤙🏼

    Hi Brent.....welcome to the Forum definitely a VW man then ! Good to have you onboard
  4. Vr6 issues

    Hi....welcome to the Forum The fact that it is 'on song' at higher revs suggests that it is something like a vacuum/air leak in the in the inlet manifold or associated trunking which is causing the lumpy running. A quick emissions test (Oxygen levels) which if higher than zero suggests thats the fault. Let us know how you get on with it Cheers, Trevor
  5. Spares

    Hi Dave If you list them in the appropriate section (e.g. Golf, Polo,etc) that would be the best bet Cheers
  6. Rear window glass

    Hi Edward....welcome to the Forum I would be surprised if you couldn't obtain a replacement glass through an automotive glasiers (windscreen company local to you). Maybe special order and could take some time to come through but not impossible to source Let us know what you find
  7. Mk7.5 golf gtd

    Hi Chris...welcome to the Forum Sorry for the late reply, missed this post. You could try to close off the 'Fresh Air' vents in the heating system to just allow cabin temperature to remain constant as opposed to outside air affecting the balance (e.g. cold outside + warmer inside = condensation) Let us know what you find works to resolve this Cheers, Trevor
  8. New Polo purchase on the cards

    Hi Thanos...welcome to the Forum I suppose it is a case of taking what you're given in this case, although I would ask people to take off their shoes upon getting in :-)
  9. Golf v6 4 motion

    I would contact your local VAG dealer to find out....don't think its cheap though
  10. Golf v6 4 motion

    The service would be straight forward enough, nuts and bolts, however you would need special oils for the transmission and would need to look up any special information relating to replacing the fluids. Not sure that there are any special tools needed though Let us know how you get on with it
  11. Oil cooler golf mk 5 2.0 fsi

    Hi....welcome to the Forum I think you will need to bite the bullet and remove the manifold as they seem to build the engines that way now....more work but gives you a chance to clean up the manifold, throttle body and breather system as well.
  12. Hello from east Yorkshire

    Hi....welcome to the Forum they are a pretty good car all round, mostly Golf chassis and mechanicals so going to be a reliable and economical Good to have you onboard
  13. Steering noise?

    I think it is quite common for the clutch pedal to creak in use but not sure about the whining noise though....keep an eye (or ear) on that one to hear if it gets any worse over time.
  14. Hello from the south west of England

    Hi Mark....welcome to the Club That's the trouble with VWs...they're an addiction What Dub do you have?
  15. How do I join VW owners club. Looked everywhere on the net cannot find HOW to join. John.