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  1. Phillips produce brighter lumen bulbs and are available through Halfords
  2. First thoughts are it may be that you are attempting this process through an AppleMac....have you tried doing it through a PC instead, as I know that some software update procedures don't always work too well through Apple
  3. I would certainly check all ignition components and also check for any exhaust leaks. Hydrocarbons are unburnt fuel particles e.g. the ignition (or engine) isn't burning all the fuel efficiently
  4. Hi...welcome to the forum It may be best to eliminate the fuses first and then check the bulbs followed by the door switches
  5. Hi Richard....welcome to the Forum I cannot see any recalls for this on the official government websites although there have been recalls on the Takata airbags that have been fitted to so many makes of vehicle. Yours does not have one of this make fitted as far as I can determine. However, sometimes you can get a scratchy sound coming from the steering wheel area and this is usually the rotary coupling that is causing it. This is a cheap fix and worth carrying out before it affects occupant safety (assuming it is this causing the fault)
  6. Sounds like VW only part and special order as well
  7. This is quite a common issue and the replacement one should be better quality over the original one
  8. Hi....welcome to the forum It could be that some of the hoses are perished but wouldn't cost more than 100 maximum I would say as it is emission based faults then it would probably just benefit from running some additives in the fuel and give it a thrash up and down a motorway until it runs clear. The light can then be switched off by clearing the fault codes and at very little cost without expensive replacement of components.
  9. I have only ever replaced the complete assembly (guides, rollers and cables all in one and just bolt into place. I have also previously replaced just cables on a Freelander and this was not too successful in the long run
  10. They are usually quite easy to change if you can gain access to it
  11. Hi Whitleybhoy....welcome to the Forum VCDS may resolve the issue with the voice activation if you take it to somewhere that has this equipment or even purchase it yourself if your handy with a PC
  12. Hi....welcome to the Forum It sounds more like a sychronisation issue and maybe needs a reboot (battery reset) or software update to relearn the settings. Maybe VCDS might offer this option over the Delphi scantool
  13. Hi....welcome to the Forum What a superb VeeDub and have to say I love this model especially in this colour. Enjoy it and good to have you onboard
  14. Hi ..... welcome to the Forum She would have to have an alternative light source for full beam (e.g. a seperate bulb/lamp unit and then alter the wiring) otherwise it would be an idea to refit the originals so it complies with road use regulations and MOT.
  15. Hi.....welcome to the Forum I would say it is weak suspension components (springs and dampers) The springs absorb the shock from road surfaces and the dampers absorb the oscillations from the springs so it doesn't bounce constantly. The tyres also are a shock absorber so if these are low on air they can also give a bouncy ride. If the tyres are cheap (Chinese manufacture) then change these immediately as they are probably causing this issue. Let us know what you find to be the issue
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