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  1. Petrol Sharan?

    absolutely, should be plenty of power from the engine to tow with
  2. Petrol Sharan?

    Hi...welcome to the Forum In general, the diesel Sharan engine is a good one but not used in built up areas where it can clog up over time. The petrol engine therefore would be a better option for local driving
  3. Passat cc reverse camera stuck open

    HI....welcome to the Forum I'm not sure on this one, would probably contact your VW dealer and see if there is a revised version that resolves this issue. Seems to be an issue with this camera across the range so surely they must have revised it over time
  4. CFFB turbo actuator

    Hi Glynn....welcome to the Forum What are the symptoms your car is displaying which leads you to the above conclusion?
  5. mk6 golf exhaust?

    Hi Simon.....welcome to the Forum You should be able to source one through any good motor factors as long as the other sections have not been modified then it should just fit straight in. Let us know what you find
  6. New member

    Hi Kirky....welcome to the Forum Lovely Touareg and great car to drive Good to have you onboard
  7. Mk5 r32

    Hi Rob Common problem this one, but can't seem to find any definitive answer but suggested faults lie in the Haldex controller or even the oil level being low in the unit....worth checking out everything related to the electrical connections to and from the unit. Let us know what you find
  8. Auxiliary port location

    Hi....welcome to the Forum The auxiliary port is at the back of the unit and you would need to acquire one of these to fit into it once you have removed the unit and found somewhere to route it to (e.g. the glovebox)
  9. Hi there wondering if you can  dive me some advice I purchased a 1.4 mark 5 golf that has been molded out to look like the GTI however I'm having trouble starting it the flashlights wont come on and its cousing the engine to konck out straight away also the hazards come on like an alarm has been triggered but they wont turn off 


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  10. Polo radio code

    Hi You should be able to obtain the code from a local VW dealer.....may have to go in for them to look it up and take the registration documents with you but otherwise they usually do this for free
  11. Polo spluttering on pull off

    I would check for a vacuum leak as this could cause the symptoms you describe. Listen for any hissing under the bonnet
  12. Front coil spring

    Hi Andy Have a look at these springs on Euro Car Parts they all say with or without sports suspension (Sportline) so I would say that this is the only limiting factor to choosing a replacement unless you go for lowered springs. Let us know how you get on with it Cheers, Trevor
  13. Hi all - advice / suggestions needed

    Hi ....welcome to the Forum The only simple solution I can think of is Airbag suspension as a bolt on which would raise the vehicle and maintain the ride height Beyond that, sorry cannot think of any other way
  14. Passat 2012 est

    not sure....but one way to find out, fit it and see if the light goes out may need to clear any stored codes (if any)
  15. Passat 2012 est

    All airbags can be fitted by yourself as long as the battery has been disconnected for around 30 minutes to allow any electrical charge to dissipate. The SRS system looks for a resistance when the ignition is switched back on and as long as it finds the correct resistance then it the light will go out and the system becomes active. I have never encountered any sort of coding required to fit replacement SRS components.