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  1. Quite a decent result Tony and at little cost as well. Know what you mean about the fun fair and other attractions, I regularly attend Le Mans 24 Hours and this can be horrendous if you pitch your tent in the wrong place 🙂
  2. I would firstly check the battery terminals are tight and then if you can get it started then give it a good hard run to clear the DPF
  3. If you are smelling rubber under the bonnet then it could either be the auxiliary drivebelt and possibly tensioner that has failed. alternatively, it could also be the cambelt starting to fail, tensioner could be failing and leading to the belt moving over and contacting the timing belt cover. Either way, it would definitely need to go to a garage for further invesitigation
  4. I would check the fusebox to see if there is any water ingress into it and causing an intermittent electrical issue
  5. You may be able to reassemble the components if you remove the vent panel
  6. Could look at engine mounts if you're in the engine bay?
  7. Either of these brands are good but if I have the choice between them I would probably go with LUK as fitted many of them over the years and never had any issues
  8. Sorry to hear your tale of woe! Unfortunately it is the nature of the beast with modern vehicle engineering, once the pump decides its not going to play ball any longer, thats it and game over. Glad your experience was a good result, albeit an expensive one. Roadside cover is always a must but worth doing a comparison of benefits rather than cost between the different companies. What event were you attending at the Pod? (I haven't been there since the '80s)
  9. If it is a common fault with this particular phone then there may be a patch on the internet to download to your phone to solve this issue.
  10. You could try running an supplementary earth lead directly to the wiper motor to see if this is a poor earth issue
  11. Hi....welcome to the Club I suppose it is down to personal preferences.....styling, performance, stance...there's plenty of mods you can do, just depends on financial budgets Good to have you onboard!
  12. Hi....welcome to the Club Feel free to set up a meet in your local area and we can help to promote it to the members. Good to have you onboard
  13. Hi Tony....welcome to the Club Have you considered the tyres may be creating the droning noise? Had this issue with Chinese tyres that were feathering and creating a droning noise and originally considered it was bearings. What drag car do you run at the Pod?
  14. The wipers would run through a relay for timer but otherwise the normal speed operation is controlled through the motor and switches. Out of curiosity, why do you want to find the relay if the wipers are working?
  15. Hi....welcome to the Club First thoughts are it is not a relay as the wipers actually power through the motor. However, it could be a common earth fault (loose, poor earth connection on the inner wing somewhere under the bonnet or loose battery connection) Check also the distribution box on the battery. Otherwise it may a steering column connection to the switches (lights and wipers)
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