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  1. I’ve now solved this. I’d narrowed the problem down to a length of the wiring loom where it emerged from the tubular boot hinge and into a series of connectors (the others being for the various lights) I was pretty convinced movement of a broken wire, opening and closing the boot lid, was the cause of the problem - but there was no evidence of wear or damage. I proceeded to carefully strip the fabric covered binding tape to inspect the wires. The insulation on pretty much all the wires in this sanction was cracked and had separated leaving sections of wire frayed and in some places severed altogether - successful contact was dependent on movement of the boot. I set about painstakingly repairing the breakages with insulation tape, discovering the wiring for the boot catch by a process of elimination. The boot catch is now operable via all three methods (remote, driver’s door, external handle). That section of the loom will have to be replaced in the long term but everything including the lights is now working. It’s a guess, but the possible cause of this perishing might be to do with water running down the boot hinge onto the wires and getting them wet, then being damaged by changes in temperature. I’ve noticed after heavy rain showers the interior trim on the CC’s boot lid has a tendency to fill with water inside - which then sloshes out down the hinges. The rubber seal is fine but I think the trim, at some point has been improperly refitted and is routinely trapping it open. Anyway. I hope this helps somebody else at some point.
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