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    It's certainly worth pulling it apart as long as it comes apart easily as opposed to wrecking it in the process. You never know what you may find and it could be an easy fix
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    Over the past few day my rns 315 will not turn on ,it has the time display in the middle, today I tried again and it worked but now I'm unable to turn it off with the power button ,I'm guessing this is the fault, any ideas please.
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    Called a vw dealership they quoted £110 just to have a look ,I think the problem is the actual power button, but at the moment it's on all the time but goes off with the ignition, but if I take it to bits it might never work again.
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    Any idea why they don't make the SEL in the Petrol version? I had a SEL before and liked it
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    Could the petrol engine tow a light trailer?
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    Hi everyone New to the forum and waiting to pick up my new Polo next week. I’ve currently got a Golf and before that a Scirocco. Looking forward to having a browse! - H
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    Hi....welcome to the forums Nice car, the 1.8 GTi Turbo should provide enough excitement for most journeys I would imagine Good to have you onboard
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    not sure really....may be available for another country possibly