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  1. Would suggest the battery may be flat and need replacing? Test the battery voltage and if below 12 -12.5 volts then replace If the battery is sound then check the key fob locks and unlocks the car then try again as maybe immobiliser wasn't recognising the key
  2. How did you get on with finding the fault with this issue?
  3. A DMF is fine if vehicle is driven correctly but unfortunately, it is not always driven as it should be before you buy a second hand car and then inherit a worn flywheel. Fitting a new DMF is probably just as good as a 4 piece clutch kit with solid flywheel
  4. The golden rule is 'if in doubt - change the belts' and don't forget the tensioners as well. There is no guarantee that this has occurred so I would err on the side of caution and replace everything in there (including water pump)
  5. I would start with changing the filter and also an 'Air Con Bomb' which will purify the interior and kill odours
  6. Should be checked with the ignition on and then slowly move the pedal down and up and the voltage should change Enjoy your holiday Tony 🙂
  7. Good result and useful scanner to have for all the other jobs you may need to do on the car
  8. Try airbag suspension which will raise it to a slightly higher level but also give superb handling on the very poor road surfaces you will encounter. Also gives assistance with supporting the extra loads you will be carrying.
  9. Have you checked the camshaft timing as this could be slightly out and causing the sensors to be out of synch and this will throw the fault codes
  10. It is quite common with modern engines to get to temperature as soon as possible nowadays as the time it takes to warm up on open-loop on the oxygen sensors is the time it pollutes most
  11. A smoke test is the preferred method to accurately diagnose where the water is getting in If you have a sunroof then this may be the cause if the drain bungs and tubes are blocked
  12. It would also need the function coding into the CanBus system for it to work even if you do get a replacement switch This should be possible if you take it to a VW specialist garage
  13. Have you also checked the engine cambelt timing and condition? Check also the fuel filter has recently been replaced and are you getting fuel to the injector? Ignition system....are you getting a spark?
  14. Hi...welcome to the Club Wow! you've had them all then....Alhambra, Galaxy and Sharan...three of the same vehicle! I would personally go for an aftermarket head unit as have many more functions on them than the factory unit
  15. Hi....welcome to the Club Glad you are enjoying the Touran so far Feel free to post your old wheels up in the For Sale section of the forums
  16. I think the boost output is set on these engines, unlike the older generation engines where you could loosen a lockscrew and wind the settings up
  17. Hi....welcome to the Club Not sure to alignment which would be the biggest issue. If you had yours removed and managed to find one you could compare to then this would more than likely suffice. Good luck with it all and let us know how you get on with it
  18. Sounds like a fault in the wiring or coolant sensor. Alternatively source the feed to the fuse as may be coming through the battery as opposed to the ignition (relay?)
  19. Try this guide https://www.autolist.com/volkswagen-golf/volkswagen-golf-generations
  20. The Sharan was also the same as the Seat Alhambra and the Ford Galaxy
  21. Quite a decent result Tony and at little cost as well. Know what you mean about the fun fair and other attractions, I regularly attend Le Mans 24 Hours and this can be horrendous if you pitch your tent in the wrong place 🙂
  22. I would firstly check the battery terminals are tight and then if you can get it started then give it a good hard run to clear the DPF
  23. If you are smelling rubber under the bonnet then it could either be the auxiliary drivebelt and possibly tensioner that has failed. alternatively, it could also be the cambelt starting to fail, tensioner could be failing and leading to the belt moving over and contacting the timing belt cover. Either way, it would definitely need to go to a garage for further invesitigation
  24. I would check the fusebox to see if there is any water ingress into it and causing an intermittent electrical issue
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