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  1. Hi, So, I'm new here but not to forums in general (so no need to be too gentle 😉). I've got a 2013 Passat Alltrack DSG 2.0tdi 177 (B7). It's a good car but could be better! What I'm looking for is a practical and reasonably affordable way to lift it by about 1-1.5 inches (I know, shock horror, someone that doesn't want to lower a car!). I then want to be able to space the wheels by about 15-20mm each side to widen the track and then add all terrain tyres - over all similar outcome to the later (B8 variant) Atlas models available in the US (not seen any this side of the pond). All in all to give a little more ride height, slightly more ground clearance from larger tyres and better off road performance. (I'm from the south west and we've got a monopoly on farm tracks pretending to be roads only matched by rural Wales!) I'm struggling to find anyone that offers an option for this model - various options for the later chassis and various lowering options around. Don't want / can't afford to go to an engineering shop and get one-off custom made setup, so I'm hoping someone here might be able to point me in the direction of somewhere that offers and option that would fit my car? (I'm guessing this isn't listed in the right section - but as a newbie it seems to be the only place available - or if I've missed how to put it in the right place then I'm more than happy if admin want to point me in the right direction and / or move post)