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  1. anyone tried to fit an LED headlamp bulb conversion to these cars? I bought a set off Amazon ( fits most cars!) LOL, unfortunately I found our cars dont have same arrangement as most others & the bulbs are held in a plastic thing that acts as a connector too so cant see how to fit my LEDs! Anybody come up with any way to do this?
  2. Anyone know if its possible to use Vagcom to deactivate the annoying rain sensor for the wipers & make it work as normal?
  3. Hi, thanks for reply but it seems this part is only available from VW dealers! ( hence reason I wondered if the MK5 silencer would fit with minor mods)
  4. Hi, newbie here! Just got a 2009 mk 6 gti & last owner has fitted a centre silencer delete pipe. Im a bit old for the constant racket from this & would like to refit a centre silencer but am having a lot of problems sourcing this. Any ideas other than a complete new system? Looks online at least, to be same as a Mk5 gti centre box? thanks, Simon