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  1. golf6 rain sensor deactivate

    Anyone know if its possible to use Vagcom to deactivate the annoying rain sensor for the wipers & make it work as normal?
  2. mk6 golf exhaust?

    Hi, thanks for reply but it seems this part is only available from VW dealers! ( hence reason I wondered if the MK5 silencer would fit with minor mods)
  3. mk6 golf exhaust?

    Hi, newbie here! Just got a 2009 mk 6 gti & last owner has fitted a centre silencer delete pipe. Im a bit old for the constant racket from this & would like to refit a centre silencer but am having a lot of problems sourcing this. Any ideas other than a complete new system? Looks online at least, to be same as a Mk5 gti centre box? thanks, Simon