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  1. hi everyone looking for some help from you ,, I have recently just bought a mk 5 golf 1.6 fsi 2004. the car has been very well maintained and ran perfect until yesterday it all started soon after buying the car the radio was not working the only fault on the car when I got it. so as soon as I got it home I removed it to find the fuse had blown replaced and all seemed fine then yesterday I was out with the polish and started the car to turn it around and boom all sorts of lights no power steering lights where eml abs power steering and a few others so turned it off and started to scrach my head. went to start the car again and no it did not want to just clicking so I got rac out who said it was alternator and wanted me to take it to a garage at a cost of £300 to replace I told him where to go and went to my local vw breakers got a used one replaced it and jumped started it and it drained the battery quicker than my sink so rac out again (I have battery cover) and again he said alternator he put a brand new battery on and it was only reading 12.1 volts running he said it should be about 14 so alternator back of returned and exchanged refitted plus a new battery car started straight away but after about 25/30 minutes its dead again ... while it was running i noticed that if i turded somthing on ie heaters the radio went off then it died again now battery is flat and i am at my end anyone please help me out