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  1. It is a non sunroof model and it seems like the water is coming from the vents under seat, any idea how it’s getting in there as it’s just drivers side
  2. Hello there , sorry if this has already been covered I got a 2005 Passat saloon 2.0 tdi yesterday from a family member its all good apart apart from the swimming pools in the drivers side foot wells front and back even in dry conditions it it keeps flowing in even after emptied out can anyone help ? TIA
  3. Can it me manually released without the need for computer hookup ?
  4. It’s an electronic parking brake unfortunately, the light on the button flashes and it throws a dash warning
  5. You Hello all, I’m hoping one of you can help please, my dad has an 05 Passat saloon 2.0tdi and the electric parking brake won’t disengage 😣 what could cause this ? Any ideas how much it will cost to fix ? TIA