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  1. no, I only reset the service.
  2. Hi, I have a 14 plate 4 motion just reset my service message, but now my display shows settings not complete as I drive? I can't set it to mfd either. What am I doing wrong? can anybody advise please? many thanks
  3. yes absolutely, must say Disco is fun but can be hard work and heavy on the pocket, Tiquan is so relaxing to drive PLUS disco 27mpg, just clocked 44 mpg with Tig, no brainer!!
  4. Hi everyone. I am now the proud owner of a 14 plate auto Tiquan. Love it. I also have a 51 plate discovery, My son used to have a Golf VR highline, looked awesome until an armco jumped in front of it!! Looking forward to some chats with others
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