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  1. I’ve owned my Scirocco for a couple of weeks now and loving it... I love the ICE, great sound quality and volume for those special trips 😉 I believe it’s the RCD510 With Dynaudio Speakers? The problem is like so many others... it won’t let me connect to BT or stream music from my Iphone8, so my question is what is the easiest solution? I was looking into swapping it out for the RNS510 as I believe it has BT built in? Plus a bonus of SatNav.. or is there another easier/cheaper solution, I would like to keep all the steering wheel controls etc plus I have the rear parking system that displays on the HU, Many thanks Steve.
  2. Hi, I’ve recently purchased a 2010 Scirocco GT Diesel and after some advice or a few things.... so see you over at the techy dept 😉
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