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  1. Hi Thank you very much! As a loom assembly I'm pretty sure one cable comes from the abs and another from the brake pad wear sensor and then they both join to one cable in a Y junction which goes through wing bulkhead together, I haven't been able to see inside the engine bay whether they go to different points, thank you anyway will have another look was just wondering if anyone had replaced it recently. Thanks for the help! Leigh.
  2. Hi all Was wondering if anyone could help me to understand something on a 2004 vw touran 1.9 TDI My brake pad wear indictior connector is broken therefore need to replace the loom end and not the brake pad +the sensor that comes with it, the question I have is does the abs cable run into the same loom, Ie 2 cables travels up into 1 and through the wing bulkhead? What I'm seeing is 1 cable comes through the wing bulkhead down to a upside down Y piece and one goes to the brake pad wear sensor and the other to the abs Thank you in advance! 🙏