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  1. Hi all. After a window fail (whilst in Cornwall a couple of weeks ago - rear passenger window dropped and wouldn't release back up....gaffer tape and layer of plastic sheet until we got back!) myself and a neighbour helping me have had a look at a fix. The retainer clip had broken so I sourced the appropriate regulator kit. Managed to get the new plastic clip back on and all seemed ok. Tricky getting the dowel into the window glass and cable in but we eventually managed it. However, once tested we heard a crunching noise and soon realised the cable was being shredded intside the spool. Fortunately the kit included new spool and cables...unfortunately we couldn't work out how to (or how much to) wind this into the spool...I have no instructions whatsoever and don't want to shred the new cable. The two cables are of different lengths (slightly)...we worked out from taking the old cable which length goes where but we had to abandon ship late last night (so the window is currently held up with gaffer tape. Anyone managed to replace one of these before and/or have access to any instructions? Thanks very much.