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  1. Hi all passat 2.0 very bad spent diesel smell coming threw the heater vents and its virtually undrivable it gets a bit better if you recycle the air in the car any ideas please
  2. Hi all this is a long story sorry.ok here goes I fitted glow plugs in a 56 plate Passat 2.0 about 3 years ago not ones as said on a forum about 2 days later the engine management light came on I plugged in and it said glow plug 1 fault 2 fault 3 fault 4 fault so told my friend it could be wrong plugs but it started fine so 3 years down the line he has bought a new car and gave this car to me so I took rocker cover off took out the plugs and everyone goosed I thought strange but on my snap on machine it says there is a short on everyone testes them right enough goosed so then got me test light
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