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  1. Cheers for the reply. I do have an update. I had a guy come and fit a new MAF sensor and he re set everything but 60 miles later the Emissions workshop came on again. I took the car to a different mechanic and he said the MAF sensor which had been fitted wasn't the best make. Sounds like the first mechanic replaced the MAF with a cheep one. The car had started to really act odd low speed like it was about to die. My new mechanic unplugged the MAF sensor and the car drives like new. EMISSIONS WORKSHOP however is still showing. Would you try replacing the MAF sensor again or I'm I just throwing good after bad. Your thoughts please 🙏
  2. Thank you I'll keep it in mind. Could it be the Turbo . This morning the car just felt wrong in the low gears. Like the car was about to stall. That being said feels very powerful on the motorway so am unsure how to move forward. Lol Regards: Steve
  3. HI ALL, GOLF TDI GT 2007 I'm in need of some advice please. HAS anyone had similar issues as this. Emissions keeps showing. I had two fault codes. One for the Altitude sensor and 24 on the Mass Air Sensor. I've just had the MAS changed and the high pressure fuel pump last week. The car drove fine ish today but it did feel like it was sucking air in to the engine as I accelerated. I'm think it could be the EGR possibility being stuck on backed up. Or could this be a build up of oil into the pipping below the EGR. Any help would be very much appreciated. DICKCO.
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