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  1. Sorry to hear that Kieran, have a look on Ebay, gumtree or the forums for Golfs being stripped/broken or visit your local breakers. You'll be able to pick up a sensor no problem I should think.
  2. Do what ever you want mate! Nobody can tell you whats wrong with your car. But they look alright, nice and subtle. Just make sure you don't get a fiberglass one, those all look like a safe bet.
  3. Hi and welcome! Nice buy! What are you looking at doing to it? Can never go wrong with a suspension upgrade and some OEM style wheels im my opinion :)
  4. Hi and welcome, good luck with the search, keep us updated!
  5. Here is my brothers - recently sold- Mk2 GTD It was crazy and we loved it. Fully strut braced, race Bilstein Coilovers, uprated anti roll bars, exhaust, I could go on for ever but the essence is it smoked everything, and I mean smoked! Black cloud and he was gone. Anyway, here it is.
  6. Right, to kick off an empty section, here is the brothers Mk2 Scirocco. This got well loved and restored, then hammered round the 'ring like it was meant to ;). In a new home now but I still miss it.
  7. Hi guys, thought I'd say hello. Just got rid of my MK4 GTI German Import (Special little details on it, lights etc ) Now running a Caddy, bought standard with 12k on the clock, used for mountainbiking, camping ( all converted in the rear, tv's etc) and allround tomfoolery. Some mods include, VW Golf Front Coilovers Rear Axle Flip Axle re-located Rear insulated and carpeted (Bed and storage too) TV/electronics install Some re-trimming in the cab Wheels - wrapped in proper tyres (falkens) Tidying up the engine ready for a re-map with pipework and cone filter Brake upgrade to drilled and ven
  8. Had this problem before when the wastegate melted causing excessive turbo pressure under power and a safety mode cutting in. This may be the problem if not the one above.
  9. Find your local VW group on Facebook, lots of guys always looking for parts, most likely there will be a few near you. Otherwise, Ebay!
  10. If prices are high, I'm guessing your catalytic converter is in need of replacement too. This contains alot of titanium, hence the price. You will fail emissions tests without it and then your MOT! Aftermarket parts will likely cost more due to the normally tuned nature of them, best just to suck it up or risk paying for two MOT's too ;)
  11. Do you have a new Polo? Its EU Law to have the lights on permanently. All new european cars will have the same function if you look out for it, but some may have specific daylight running LED's instead.
  12. No they won't fit. The two wheels have a different PCD. Same center-bore size though so you may find adapters easy enough. G23 engineering are good for adapters. The speedo should be fine, the steels will have bigger tyres than the alloys but you can get this corrected easy enough with VAGcom. (Any VW garage will do this is two seconds). I'm running 19" wheels up from factory 15" with no problems.
  13. Hi Mate, Whats your reason for this? Shouldnt really need to unless you're fitting new coilovers, in which case it's advised. Pretty simple job, drop the shocks out and you'll see the bolt on top.
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