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  1. Hi The timing belt was changed 5k ago so I’m sure it’s ok. The engine starts but cuts out so definitely a spark. I’m going down the fuel supply road myself maybe fuel pump. Is it possible the fuel pump is cutting out after the engine starts? I’m wondering if after priming thats all the fuel the engine is running on? I’ve tested the fuel in by turning over the engine with only the starter motor, fuel is pumping through. Maybe a relay on the fuel pump? Next test I’m going to get a washing up bottle full of fuel and bypass the fuel pump by manually feeding the throttle body, like a feeding a baby ???
  2. I posted a while ago regarding the issues I’m having getting this car to run again🤨 advised the problem of the car starting and then a cutting out is an over fuelling issue?? so far I’ve changed the throttle body which is a monopoint injection and not rocking horse shit but close. I’ve swapped the ecu, de-coked all the pipes running from the engine block to the throttle body, replaced, repaired and tested the vacuum pipes which are all good as far as I can tell. Run the engine to test every sensor independently with no change to the problem. Any ideas please ??
  3. Hi again I changed the accelerator switch ECU and the car now runs for about a minute. Engine shuts off with a few misfires then won’t start for a couple of minutes. Restarts runs for a minute misfires and shuts down again. Any ideas on what’s causing this. Thankyou
  4. Checked all connections all good. Thinking it might be the acclerator sensor?
  5. Thankyou I’ll check all the connections.
  6. Hi I’m hoping for some advice on a problem with the monopoint throttle body. Engine fires up and then dies instantly. When I restart the same problem. The rubber throttle body mount (gasket) split and the running problem started after replacing the rubber mount. I’ve cleaned the throttle body and replaced the air idle switch. Is it likely the monopoint fuel injector is faulty and is causing the problem or is it possibly something else? (I’m wonderingif it is possible to test the injector before tracking down a replacement?). Fuel is getting through when turning over the engine with the starter motor. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thankyou
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