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  1. Hi Guys, Just thought i'd come on here and introduce myself. I'm Steve, From Ipswich Suffolk. My pride and joy is a well used 1999, Mk 4 (Yeah i know Mk 3.5) 2L Golf Cabriolet Aventgarde :) She'e see better days, does need a little TLC... but after 127,000 miles she's still going strong. My Second ever car 17 years ago was a 1.1 Mk1 Golf, I loved that little car but unfortunately she died after about 6 months of me boy racering around lol. Havent owned a Dub since... until 0ct 2012 when I bought my Cabby... its re-lit my flame for all things VW, hopefully money permitting i'll be off to some Dub festivals this summer :) Take it easy... it's good to be in the club :)