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  1. VAG Com..?

    I would like to learn more about the various codes, how to alter/get rid off/adapt etc. I now have a VAG COM plus OBD Software from CARPORT and all looks good.. but I want to learn more about my car, about the various error coded readings. My car a VW 2007 Touran, runs great, but the list of error codes thrown up is bedazzling.. so where do I start before I throw all my hard earnt savings at the local VW garage who at a £110/hr will happily empty my wallet.. Cheers..
  2. VAG Com..?

    Of those of you who have chosen to get your own VAG Com tool/s which make/brand did you invest in and has it proved to be a good investment.. thanks..
  3. I have a 2007 Touran which came with (2nd hand) a multifunctional steering wheel with the paddles for the DGS gearbox and it all works very fun.. but I think it is looking in need of replacement to clean things up a bit - so my question is, from which other newer VW can I get a replacemnt.. my local VW say they do not know as all they would do is replace it with an original wheel.. I really like the look of the new VW Golf R steering wheel though my car has the cruise control on the left hand stalk..
  4. Friendly hello from the UK

    Well, three weeks down the road and all is good. Got myself a 2007 model with 103.5K on the clock, previous owner had the turbo replaced recently, done the cam, the water pump and the gearbox so all in all it all seems good plus for a 2.0 140 version, it is kicking out 190BHP and around 400ib/ft of torque so it is lively and is doing approx 45-50mpg on a run - so I am quite happy with that.
  5. Friendly hello from the UK

    Thank you... well all will be revealed on Saturday as Iravel up north to check what seems like a nice deal... will keep you al posted.
  6. Having not had a car for 10yrs (last one was an Audi) I am now on the quest to get myself a 2nd hand Touran... so from you well seasoned guys, what should I be looking out for - in terms of problems or issues) - I have seen a few (2006 -2010) where the owners have already changed or replaced or serviced the turbo, gearbox (DSG), cambelt and water pumps but is there anything else I should be aware of on cars that have covered between 75K-125k in mileage. All feedback appreciated and I look forward to getting to meet various people. I live 60km west of London in the UK, and although my interests are pretty grounded in psychology (as a psychologist) and photography (as a trained landscape photographer) - in my past life I was a loudspeaker designer for car audio systems, so hello from the UK.