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  1. Steering noise?

    Useful information.'s in dealer today. ..see what they say.
  2. Steering noise?

    Couple of things with a second used Golf. ...same milage...occasional creak felt heard on depressing clutch at higher revs and a audible but not loud about 2000 rpm not sure what it could be. Dealer informed to assss. Seems to drive ok generally. I do find the dealer hard going though. warranty ...couple of other golfs on the lot also showed same creak on clutch pedal movement ....may be a quirky. ...hopefully my confidence in vw and the dealer will improve.
  3. Steering noise?

    So far so good....but have lost confidencentre in dealer..but are least I have a 1 year warranty😊
  4. Steering noise?

    After discussion with dealer have done a 30 day swap to similar golf...hopefully problem free....I noticed the dealer stuck it straight back on sale higher price....dealers. em😊
  5. Steering noise?

    Hi golf owner. I have 2014 Golf 1.6 tdi 25000 miles. Have noticed when turning left only a noise which I can only describe as change in engine note..or some other mechanical noise .bizarre I know. Noticed on a particular bend near I straighten noise goes. Also at low speed say in a car park I can hear it. Steers vibration...right turns no symptoms. Could it be the power steering ...handles fine. Seeing dealer on Saturday but not sure they will believe me! I would be interested in obvious damage. Full range of steering. In warranty which hopefully will be honored. Thanks all....