1.6 se cabrioleit 2000 just done the head gasket now it won't start

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Griggsy    3

Any advice welcome. As I said in title I have just done the head gasket on my golf, all the timing marks line up I turned it over by hand to make sure it was not banging against the valves all good. All the marks still line up all the elec sockets back on and the ht leads are in the same order as they came off ie shortest to the closest ect. When I turn it over it dose fire sometimes but dose not start. The only thing I can see that might cause a problem is on the right hand side of the cam cover is a little bracket with what looks like a earth strap comming of it. Well the other end is not attached to anything, I can't remember taking it off when I stripped it down weather or not it was on a nut I took of and did not see it I can't find where it goes dose anybody know? Or can any body help shade any light on my trouble I'm at wits end any advise welcome.

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