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  1. Personally Im always gentle on the clutch changes so I think the DMF is a waste of money and partly replaces the 'snatch springs' in a normal clutch plate a DMF plate has no snatch springs or at least the Carens didnt.
  2. My Caren started clutch slipping towing the van to Weymouth got the DMF/Clutch replaced at a cost of £720 The Touran conked out van towing and that set me back £731 for a car/van tow (to Santa pod)/taxi to collect car and replaced fuel pump
  3. Was only about 34mpg but having dosed the tank with injector cleaner, pumped up the tyre pressure a couple of PSI higher and with use of the cruise control which doesnt follow Engine note or the car in front when I brimmed the tank I had put in 33L for 367 miles and that worked out at 50mpg Miles divided by Litres multiple by 4.52 give you MPG
  4. This is the puzzle the reader on live data shows ZERO....0 but the pedal must work as the engine follows the throttle pedal?? I believe this is a 6 wire plug so perhaps the reader takes its info from a second variable resister and that has failed, it isnt throwing a code for this so I will try a second hand pedal I believe most cars have dual outputs but I thought if one failed a code would show???
  5. I prefer talk radio and chat shows but sadly as windscreen DAB aerials dont work particularly well I will have to pop a hole in the roof of the Touran as it appears to use a screen heater aerial
  6. Could be someone polished the car with pledge, dont laugh the stuff works! and sprayed into the scuttle air intake area OR has clear wax oiled the scuttle to reduce rusting, mind you wax oil stinks of paraffin. OR polished the interior though this wouldnt explain why it occurs when you use the A/C Try one of those there impressive A/C bombs that kill 99% of all know smelly germs
  7. Just looked up the you tube video on this one the official fix is to hard wire the wires under the seat but there is also a yellow connector plug in the floor, disconnect your battery for half and hour and unplug this connector and spray the contacts with electrical contact cleaner then replug this should clear the light...... fingers crossed VW use yellow to denote airbag circuits
  8. Have you cleared the codes? Sometimes you have to to shut off a light others lights will reset after being cycled 2 or 3 time (short drive)
  9. Had this problem when I refitted a boost hose and put the seal in the wrong place it leaked went under boost and into limp home mode, check the hoses are tight and a very basic code reader should show basic codes. I have a small collection of code readers now very useful almost but not always tell you exactly whats wrong
  10. You can buy resistors on ebay to disable test airbag circuits you just drain the power for and hour unplug the passenger airbag module and plug and tape the resister into the plug connections thus fooling the airbag circuit the bag is still in place.
  11. Put a new MAF sensor in and checked for codes......nothing checked live info and TP comes up as ZERO I am right in thinking TP is throttle position so how the heck is my Touran following the throttle?? OK GUYS BRAINS TO THE RESCUE PLEASE! Edit PS just phoned bro in law and he suggested pulling the plug and looking for a fault code, good idea, I'll do that AFTER I come back off holiday!
  12. Fuel consumption is rubbish on my 1.9tdi Touran so I thought its slow to warm up lets change the thermostat, its not easy to get to the 10mm bolts holding the thermostat housing in place so I first removed the hose, lucky I have hose clamps for that job then found the top bolt is tricky the bottom one is very tricky, I'll say no more there I loosened the turbo hoses on the right side of the engine, on reassembly I test drove it and there was no power because the rubber hose seal had slid up its fitting so you couldnt get the clip on, I did get two codes One was the MAF sensor was outside its normal setting the plug needed pulling off and reseating there and the engine was under boosting, quelle suprise!! Im wondering how much you can adjust the boost before it overboosts?? Anyone had a twiddle with theirs?? My Old Peugeot 306 was tweaked slightly from 11 to 18lbs of boost and a very slight tweak to the fueling, iy actually IMPROVED the fuel consumption and gave 45mpg instead of 42mpg.
  13. I am buying a new scanner which may or may not untrip the warning light watch this space
  14. And pulled the fuse on the SRS system which has now lit the Airbag Light, as I have just changed the switchgear/clockspring on my FIAT Panda and need to switch off that light I have purchased a FOXWELL NT630 PRO which apparently can do both, I have an Autel 319 ,a Maxicheck Pro and a FOXWELL NT 301 I thought here we go again, the KIA Caren is going to Hendy KIA on the 1st Oct for a diagnostic, IF and that is a big IF they get it running I will keep the KIA anyone interested in a Touran brand new Fuel pump I paid £2050 for it and have fitted new front discs and EBC Optimax pads..................still lets wait for the result from Hendys. PS edited for this I purchased the FIAT with the airbag light lit and no horn the horn now works so Im hoping the airbag light will be a quicky reset.
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