Have I bought a lemon 😕

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OK, so the wife wanted a 7 seater and I found this 2005 1.9tdi touran. 


Engine fault (turned out to be brake pedal switch, replaced this and things got slightly better...) then... 

Emission fault (did a reasonable run thinking dpf and it cleared. (not it's back.. And I've just done a 700 mile weekend) 

Power loss. Can be driving all fine and then suddenly it's as though the turbo has stopped working. Turn engine off, start again and is fine. Seems sometimes if I slam the brakes it happens, other times I can literally just be driving laing the road. 

Starting issue. I understand this is the starter motor, does anyone know if this is a straight forward job to change or not? 

Passenger door doesn't lock... How big a job is this to fix? 

So, here are the initial issues... any advice, assistance would be much app3as I'm about to get it in the neck from my wife for buying a dud car 🙁. 

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Hi....welcome to the Forum

The issue with turbo performance dropping out is more than likely the variable vanes gummed up in the turbo which then leads to going into limp home mode and loss of boost which you describe.

The issue with what seems to be a DPF is unlikely as it would not have been fitted with one in 2005.
However, the EGR could be blocked which could also lead to these symptoms.

In summary, it sounds like you have bought a car that has been driven around town and short-shifted through the gears (e.g. 30mph in 3rd or 4th gear) which has led to the build up of carbon in the engine and intake system.
I would advise something along the lines of a Terraclean treatment to clean the engine and from there on drive it hard through the gears (as often as possible) to purge the carbon from the engine. If it is being driven around town a lot then best to drive in a low gear at all times (e.g. 30mph = 2nd gear). This will then keep the engine clean and return good performance and economy.

Other jobs such as door lock and starter motor are straight forward jobs and shouldn't cost much to rectify.

Let us know how you get on with it all

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