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Passat CC DSG Failure

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I am looking for some advice pretty urgently.


I have a Passat CC 2.0 TDI DSG which I have owned for 2 years now, covered 30k miles so far.


It was a business owned company car prior to my ownership so has full service history, main dealer and has had no expense spared.


She's now sat at 200k and last week returning home I noticed a violent juddering coming from the front end when joining the motorway, it's never been there before.


The DSG a few days before went 'bang' and flashed the spanner up, she has done this for a few months now but turning it on and off has resolved the issue.

She's been plugged into VAG already and it shows intermittent dual clutch slip, but is not there constantly - garage told me to run it as is until it becomes stuck as didn't want to shell out money on it until I had to.


I've had the car up on ramps today and they've checked all my tyres, balance etc and road tested it - I'm told there is a rumble coming from front passenger side even at low speeds which I hadn't noticed, they've suggested to me it's either driveshaft failure or DSG failure.


Gearbox did go bang again this morning, but turning her on and off she reset and was fine.


The judder is there a little upto 30 mph but after 40 mph it gets violent, like the front wheels will come off, it's not travelling via the steering wheel, but through the front floor and seats, the rear isn't getting the shaking I'm told and can't be felt in the rear.



She's had Cataclean run through her a week ago when this happened incase it was an injector problem, but hasn't made it any better (or worse) I have no engine management lights on etc.


Gears are changing rapidly and smoothly from what I can tell although at high revs from standstill she feels like she's struggling and the revs go up but speed not in line with revs, so maybe the clutch is slipping?


I've been advised to go to the gearbox specialist first as no knocking, or noises other than a rumble when in motion, which I'm told is more pointing to DSG failure than driveshaft.



When she's cold if you drive her hard she enters limp mode with the DSG but not when up to operating temperature. 


From it doing this I've covered around 300 miles like it and she hasn't got worse, but the shaking front end has me concerned. I'm willing to chance it if it's the gearbox and it destroys itself but concerned if it's driveshaft due to it possibly failing on motorway speeds.



Also the shaking goes it you stick her in N while doing 70 mph, soon as you put it into D or Sport mode the shaking starts instantly.



From what I've described does this sound more likely to be my DSG on its way out?


If so, how quickly will total failure come, roughly? 

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