Sharan 2011 water leak

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Hello. I've a water leak in boot of my new shape 2011 sharan. I've stripped the boot out but can't trace the source. Water builds up in the box section where the boot lock latches onto and eventually, over time, the water spills out of 4 or so holes towards the underside of the box section and pours into the boot. I've checked the rear vents behind the bumper but these sit lower than the box section and as far as I can tell the water still builds up when the car has been left for a while so I dont think any water that may be getting through the vents is cascading up and over into the box section. I've also had new rear number plate  lights sealed and fitted. Any suggestions gratefully received as VW say they charge £375 to keep the car for 3 days to try and diagnose. Photos attached. Many thanks.



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Hi ...... welcome to the Forum

I would take it to an independent garage that has a smoke tester which fills the void and will come out of the affected area which is allowing water to enter.

Let us know how you get on with it

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Thanks for the suggestion. As it happens, turned out to be a tiny crack in the flexible sealant on corner of tailgate end roof panel. Only just noticeable by small rust spot. 

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