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Knee pain on long journeys possible seat upgrade options


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Hi all,

I purchased my 2014 Touran (2.0 TDI BlueMotion Tech Sport) back in 2018 to replace an ageing BMW 320D M Sport touring. The main Idea of the Touran was that I could load my mountain bikes into the back of the car which would mean they were more secure if I needed to leave the vehicle unatended. This works great as I can easily fit two bikes in with the front wheels removes. The issue I'm having is with the actual journey. I Travel around 250 miles from the Midlands to Wales for better mountain bike trails but on the journey back I'm in so much pain with my right knee that it's almost impossible to drive.


I have tried various seat positions, used nuts and longer bolts to alter the angle of the seat base by various degrees as the one fitted only raises or lowers (no angle adjustment). I have tried a knee support on these long journeys and have even taken pain killers ahead of the journey. Has anyone else had this issue and found a solution. I have thought about upgrading the seat but I'm unsure about any issues with the electrics and airbag. In the BMW my leg was a lot straighter than it is in the Touran and I think that is the main issue. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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