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Welcome to all new and future members

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Hi all,


I'd just like to welcome everybody to this new forum we are running. If you have any issues with using the website please contact myself and i'll do my best to help out.


It may seem a tad quiet here at the moment, but we hope this will change soon.


Enjoy your time on the club!


Mark M.K - VW OC Manager

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I just bought my First Scirocco today and I thought I’d join the owners club. I have a 2016 148bhp R-Line tech.  A couple from initial questions, where can I find cruise control and how much does voice activation cost? When I press “voice” I get a messsage to contact my dealer 

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Hello everybody my wife and I have moved to malta and we brought our VW T5 camper with us,,,,we had a private numberplate on it along with private plates on my scooter and my wife’s car. We have now registered the vehicles with the malta transport so can’t use the U.K. plates.

so I was wondering if any would like the buy any of them especially the D1G VW one the others are both mine and my wife’s  initials that might be of interest to someone else,  I paid £950 for each one 15 years ago they are all on retention certificate and I am open to offers over £1000 each if anyone’s interested in buying all three  I am willing to do them at a reasonable price 





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