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Lyric    0

I am retired in Spain. I have just purchased a 2014 Touran 2.0 TDI. it has come to me with no books at all. I have asked the dealer (main dealer in Malaga) for the Service book but a handbook from him is of little use as my Spanish will not be up to it. Any ideas where I can get an English language handbook ? VW customer service (UK) are ignorant and don't even answer my e-mails.

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FranH    1

Hi there Lyric

I see your post was some time ago but I have found this which is available anywhere you have internet.

I am in a similar situation to yours.  Expat, purchased 2014 Touran without any handbooks or service record.  Did you have any luck getting a paper version?  Also I have a problem with the SatNav.  The chip is missing and hate to imagine how much a new one will be.  Disappointing as I understand the updates are free from VW.

All the best

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