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driving through europe

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Good morning any one 


i am due to drive to spain via france i am in uk at the moment therefor i have to sort my headlights out so i can drive on the lhs iam reading my owners manual and it states if i am driving through europe i need to go to the onboard menu and sellect travel mode what does this do i asume switches the lights over for lhd ???

if not can any one suggest what i can use i.e. stick a couple of strips of gaffa tap over my lights as the lenses are plactic 


regards Barry

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You are correct that the headlights need to deflect to the other side of the road

However, you do not state the age of your Passat but if it is new enough to have HID or adaptive headlamps then these do not need adjusting as the beam does not kick up to the kerbside

Otherwise, if you are in doubt then line the front of the car up against a wall at night and see if there is a kick-up in the beam to the nearside and if so you could put black insulation tape on the headlights by covering the kick-up and look at the results as you do it to get an idea of correct position

I go to France every year for the Le Mans 24 Hours race week and the French police are really hot on British cars so they can increase their revenue for a week.
Generally, we don't tend to drive at night and so it's not so important about the correct positioning of the black tape. However, it fools the police that you have black tape on the headlights (due diligence and all that) but they would have no way of measuring and accurately aligning the lights at the roadside 🙂 

Enjoy your road trip 

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