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Removing Nav Radio Unit 07 Alhambra

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New here so apologies if I get some protocol wrong.

I've looked at many videos etc onremoving the double din unit.  I have used the removal keys and the unit comes part way out then stops. it doesn't slide out easily as in the videos.  Mine seems to have something else at the back to undo. Any suggestions welcome.



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8 minutes ago, Volkswagen Owners Club said:

sometimes they take a bit of effort to pull out but keep the removal keys in place 

Many thanks.  Took the panel out and found one clip had bent and jammed.  There was also a plastic centre screw on the back of mine.

Replaced with a £5 eBay Android head unit. Absolutely delighted with this.  Android Auto mirroring phone is all I need.  Now have a new issue in that the heated seats and windows have gone.  More investigation needed, glad it's summer!


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22 hours ago, Volkswagen Owners Club said:

Glad it worked out for you and aftermarket head units are so much better in many ways than the standard audio set up.

Maybe it's popped a fuse when moving the wiring in the dash area?

Thanks.  Possible but seems unlikely same fuse would control heated seats, HRW and ESP off.   I may try plugging old unit back in and see if it all comes back. 

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