Stuck headlight dust covers on Golf GTD (2015)

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Hi guys,
Bit of a newbie question, but try as I might, I can't get the dust covered off the back of my headlight units.
I know you're meant to turn it one way, but I've tried (both directions) and they will not budge.
I've got a AFS Bend lighting error on my mk7 Golf. Reading up, most people say to change the bulbs. Being a "easy fix" I thought I'd try swapping the h7 bulbs but I'm stuck at the dust covers.
Any ideas?

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Hi ....welcome to the Forum

Thats an odd one as looking at a photo of the rear of the headlight I cannot see any directional markings on it (worth using a camera phone to take photo of rear of one in-situ before to confirm) but I do wonder if it just pulls off without twisting ?  

Screenshot - 2020-04-01T150700.679.png

Let us know what you find

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I've finally got the dust cover off on the drivers side. Wow, I thought it was stuck shut. I was able to use a stubby flathead screwdriver to change the leverage from a twist to a downward movement. It seemed to shift then. I think for the passenger side, I'd need to remove the air box to get the same leverage. Touch wood that bulb doesn't go anytime soon!

Thanks for your help! They are both working fine now on full lock left and right.



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