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Rear right door not locking with fob

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I'm a newbie to the forums, and have a door lock issue with my Golf Mk6 4 door 2009 Golf.  The right rear door with not lock with the fob. All the other doors lock ok and I can hear the click mechanism working for those doors.  I can lock the door manually using the screw override turn on the door (using a flat head screwdriver or similar).  Then when unlocking using the fob again, it unlocks all the 4 doors fine.

I have tried some WD40 on the latch itself, but this has not helped (didn't expect it to really)

There are no reported errors when checking the ECU for error codes.

Is there anything else to try and diagnose the problem before going any further?

My question is do you think it would require a new door lock unit for the door? Or could it be something else I've missed? I can see online this is a fairly common issue with 10+ year VWs.

Any help would be most appreciated.


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