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Car holding back


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Other wise quickest cheapest fix is use a spray EGR/TURBO cleaner into the air intake followed by a can of EGR/TURBO cleaner into the tank, but first crawl under the car and check the actuator arm to the Turbo is not stuck, if it aint stuck, then clean then clean or replace the MAF sensor, (quick and cheap) followed by the vacuum control box behind the battery, I did all three and it was cheap under to run cleaner throught the system followed by changing the MAF (£20 for a cheap one) and £30 for a second hand vacuum control box Plus £15 and £26 for a spray cleaner and a can of JLM into the tank.

Other thing to check is of course the vacuum hoses, if its got holes in it no vacuum, no vaccum no control over either the Turbo or the EGR valve.

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I always forget stuff so add it on
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