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Screenshot_20210419-211826_Chrome.thumb.jpg.98f5aa5cb080ea70695c4c2199c0bcb9.jpgHi All.

I have a 2007 Touran 170 sport. In January this year in heavy rain I drove through a very deep puddle.  The car continued to


drive for another 20mins and stood on tick over until I put it into drive then the engine cut out and wouldn't start.  I had the car recovered and a mechanic have a look at it.

The injectors are still original but the wiring is new. The injectors were swapped around but fault was still on No1 Cylinder. The ECU was sent away for inspection and came back clean. 

Does anyone have any idea what to do next. 

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I would be surprised if the injectors were affected by going through a deep puddle.
More than likely is that the engine ingested water into the engine via the intake (can be seen by air filter being deformed by water ingestion) and this can lead to hydraulic lock in the cylinders which would result in lower compression on one or more cylinders.
I would run a compression test on the engine cylinders to determine if there is any drop in pressure

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